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Installing Various Types of Agricultural Fence - Video

May 20, 2010 | by Duncan Page

Some great info here--

This instructional video from Bekaert points out important aspects of installing different types of high tensile agricultural fences - smooth wire, barbed wire, hinge joint field fence, fixed knot fence, and horse fence.

Safety considerations, the importance of planning for your fence, and fence post selection are covered. Clear instructions on how to install a brace are also presented.

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Topics: field fence, horse fence, high tensile wire, Bekaert

Woven Wire Horse Fence--2 Options

May 10, 2010 | by Frank Langone

A Safe Home for Your Horse

majestic dunn

With a Choice of Two Styles of Fence

Getting a horse for yourself or for your children?

Will you be boarding the horse at a different location or keeping it on your own property?

There are two types of woven wire mesh fences ideal for horse paddocks - 2" x 4" non-climb and Keepsafe Diamond Mesh. 

A 2"x 4" Woven Horse Fence--that lasts


  • Galvanized class 1 or class 3 finish for protection from rust and corrosion
  • Black painted wire with heavy duty class 3 coating - blends into background
  • Long lifetime
  • Heavy 10 gauge top and bottom wires
  • 12.5 gauge filler wires2 horses behind fence
  • Strong square knots safely secure vertical and horizontal wires
  • 2" x 4" openings prevent hoof entanglement
  • Flexible - allows "racking" over uneven ground contours
  • No uneven or sharp wires to injure animals
  • 48" and 60" heights in 100' rolls

 The Strong Keepsafe Diamond Mesh Woven Horse Fence 


  • Galvanized - class 1 and class 3 
  • Close spacing of wires prevents hooves from becoming entangled
  • Fence has spring and flexibilitydiamond mesh woven horse fence
  • Horizontal wires - heavy double strands of 12.5 gauge wires are twisted for strength
  • Vertical wires - 14 gauge wires create the V mesh
  • Requires little maintenance when installed
  • Rugged long lasting fence
  • No sharp edges to harm horses or people
  • 50" x 165' and 58" x 165' rolls available

Both fences can be hung on wooden or studded T posts. Whichever style you choose, rest assured that your horses will be safe and secure. You will have a horse fence that is attractive, strong and durable.
four brown horses behind fence
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Topics: woven wire, horse fence, 12.5 gauge

How to Install Bekaert's Woven 2 x 4 inch Horse Fence

April 8, 2010 | by Duncan Page

Wisdom in Action

Take a look at this video and learn how to put up 2" x 4" mesh woven horse fencing from Bekaert.

Any questions or comments?


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Topics: woven wire, horse fence, Bekaert

Welded & Woven Wire Mesh For Pet & Animal Containment

January 13, 2010 | by Frank Langone

vinyl coated welded wire mesh

What does your animals require?

Are you planning to get some animals that will need cages or pens?

Do you already have animals and need to upgrade, enlarge or improve their containment?

From hamsters to horses, birds to buffalo - there is a welded or woven wire mesh fencing available to do the job right.

Enclosures for small animals--

There are galvanized before, galvanized after and vinyl coated meshes available.

  • Cages for canaries, for example, can be made using light weight galvanized after weave 1/2" hex netting.
  • For larger birds, welded meshes such as 1/2" x 1", 1" x 1", 1" x 2" and 1/2" x 3" can be used to make cages.
  • Chicken, turkeys and game birds require larger pens. Galvanized after weave and vinyl coated hex netting works well for the sides. You can use welded wire meshes for ground wire. The extra galvanizing and vinyl coating extend the life of the wire.
  • Cages for rabbits, hamsters and the like can be made using 1/2" x 1"and 1" x 2" welded meshes. Galvanized after weld products, when used, will last longest.

bunny behind mesh

Enclosures for larger animals--

Stronger meshes made from heavier gauge wire are required, and the opening size of the mesh can be larger.

  • Dogs - smaller dogs can be contained with 16 gauge 2" x 2" woven or 2" x 3" welded wire mesh. For large dogs, 2" x 4" mesh works well. This is available in woven 12.5 gauge and welded 14, 12.5 and 11 gauge galvanized before, galvanized after and vinyl coated.
  • Horse corrals can be made with 12.5 gauge flexible woven horse fence in a 2" x 4" or diamond mesh pattern.
  • Secure enclosures for sheep and goats can be made using 12.5 gauge 4" x 4" woven mesh.
  • For ostrich & emu pens use 12.5 gauge 2" x 4" woven mesh.
  • Use field fence for cow pastures. There are different choices of 1047 style available.
  • Extra tall (up to 10') woven fences are excellent for deer and wildlife containment or exclusion.
Whatever size and type of animal you have, there is welded or woven wire fencing mesh that will keep them safe and secure.

Care to share your own experiences?
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Topics: wire fence, woven wire, welded wire, cages, horse fence

A Stay-Tuff Woven Wire Horse Fence

February 10, 2009 | by Duncan Page

horses in field with blue sky

They call it "Tuff" for a reason.

Stay-Tuff produces state-of-the-art galvanized woven wire mesh for horse fencing.

  • "Horse-Tuff" Fixed Knot Fence keeps your horses secure with bordering protection featuring rust and corrosion resistant wire that lasts beautifully due to heavy duty galvanization. Plus pre-stripped rolls--all of the Stay-Tuff fence rolls come with 18 inches of vertical stays removed from both ends of the roll.
  • 3-inch mesh spacing is safe, strong and sized correctly to resist horse hooves, cutting down on expensive injuries.
  • These fences are resilient when a horse makes contact--whether the horse was playing, gets spooked for some reason, or didn't see it (think about adding a top board to enhance visibility.)  

Riding a Brown Horse Under Blue and White Cloudy Sky

You can trust these products to safely contain your horses.

These fences feature the following characteristics:

  • fence meshes are durable and flexible, holding their shape
  • longer lifetime, little maintenance required
  • woven mesh construction is strong
  • no wires sticking out to scrape or harm animals or people
  • can be used with rail fences
  • lasts 3 to 4 times longer than low-tensile wire
  • Redi-Roll feature means time saved stripping roll ends
  • faster and easier to build with fewer posts to set
  • and a 20 Year Warranty
 Stay-Tuff products will provide you with a lifetime of service.

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Topics: horse fence

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