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Postponed Summer Fence Projects?

August 18, 2011 | by Frank Langone

As you look around...
Red Brand Yard Kennel fence 2"x2" mesh

Are fence repairs or installation on the back burner? 
Do you need to create an animal enclosure? Some safe space for your dog?
Do you need to protect children when they are outside in the yard?
Has the summer heat and humidity or is the anticipation of winter holding you back?
It may be easier than you think...

Fencing materials can be galvanized or vinyl-coated, small or larger openings, and a variety of heights. For long life and appearance consider vinyl coated wire. We can't stress enough that black (not green) blends extremely well into the background and almost disappears rather than boldly stands out.

2X4 Fence 12.5 gauge black vinyl coated fence with gate

Terrain Issues

Consider the terrain you will be fencing - is it level or uneven? You will want to use a fence that conforms or "racks" if the ground is uneven. On level ground, a welded wire fence is perfectly suitable as there is no give to it. Welded wire is not "rackable." Farm and Field fence adapts beautifully to the topography of your property.

Remember, with vinyl coated wire you avoid costly replacement because it lasts and lasts; plus it has a very pleasing appearance. And! Don't forget fence panels--they can really streamline installation and are perfect for remodeling decks.

Which type of fence material works best for you?

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deck with fence panels and picnic table

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Fencing Materials for Children, Gardens, and Pets

May 18, 2011 | by Frank Langone

Keeping Tabs on Everybody

Have you made some alterations to your daily life that are going to require some physical changes to your property? 

  • Perhaps there are now some children to think about and some barriers will be needed to keep them safe.
  • Or it could be that beloved pet of yours may be better handled behind a fence?
  • A veggie garden also demands some protection as the value of your crop depends on certain invaders to be excluded.

For either sanity or safety's sake, it might be time to consider a simple fence to simplify your days...and nights. Read on for some ideas on making change.

 vinyl coated fence with dog and gate

Do you need to:

  • protect children as they play securely in your yard?
  • keep pets from running all over the neighborhood?
  • prevent "critters" from entering your garden to eat your plants?
  • define your property or boundary line?
  • keep deer and other wildlife away from your trees?
  • prevent gophers from destroying your lawn and plantings?                                                                                                                    
So Many Possibilities  
Are you looking for the right kind of fencing that will do the job?  Many varieties and styles of fence are available for your consideration and needs: galvanized, vinyl-coated, woven, welded. You might want to think about black or green vinyl-coated wire as an excellent barrier to go on your post and rail fence. If you wish the wire to blend in with the background and not stand out, black is the way to go.                                        
  • Welded wire fencing materials are available in a variety of mesh opening sizes such as 2" x 4", 2" x 3", 1½" x 4", 1" x 2" and 1" x 1". Wire gauges range from lightweight 20 gauge to heavyweight 10½ gauge.
  • Woven wire fence products come in a wide range of styles, from 1" hexagonal chicken wire up to 10' tall heavy deer fence with large openings.

When you call us, be thinking about these questions-- 

  • Do you need a large or a smaller mesh?
  • Are you trying to keep something in or out?
  • How many feet will you need to do the job right?
  • What height is required?
  • Is your land flat or does the terrain vary?
  • Do you want to install the fencing materials yourself?
  • Would it be better to have it installed by a reputable fence company?

Many possibilities are out there. The choices are yours. What has been most difficult for you when trying to decide which type of fencing material to use? We can help narrow things down.

Are you aware of all the possibilities that are available that you will never find at your local retail store? We will be happy to have a discussion with you about the differences between the various products that may be most suitable for your project.

Uses for Welded Wire and Woven Wire Fencing

vinyl coated fence

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Choosing a Fence - Good, Better, Best

April 5, 2011 | by Frank Langone

woman thinking about choices

Determining What's Best 

Are you overwhelmed by all the fence choices available today? It seems that every category of fencing materials is covered with a specialized fence made specifically for a particular job. Even though there are many fence choices, you can determine what's best for your project by looking closely at your specific requirements and the features that specific fence types offer. Remember, you can call Louis Page for help and chat with an expert!

Do you need something sturdy but temporary?

Do you want a temporary fence? Maybe one that will last for just one season? Think about a galvanized before welded - GBW - wire product. You will get good use for a short period of time as the wire tends to rust over time since the welds are not protected by extra galvanizing.

Or sturdy but longer-lasting?

If longer life is desired then galvanized after weld - GAW - is a good fence choice. In this case, the welds are protected with an extra coat of galvanizing and will last much longer than galvanized before welded wire.


Sturdy with Even More Protection

For the longest life consider vinyl coated wire made to give many years of service as well as add a good-looking appearance to your project. For example, you may choose vinyl to enclose your garden area this spring and summer. Your vinyl choice should be a smaller mesh wire to keep out the little critters that seem to get into the smallest openings. Once your fence is in place you can feel satisfied you have chosen both an appealing appearance and long wire life for your project. Vinyl lasts!


Still, overwhelmed by the many fence choices available? This fence and mesh guide will go over the various details you'll need to be able to choose the right fence. If you still have questions, we can advise you. 

Vinyl Coated Welded Wire Mesh


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Enclosures for Rabbits and Chickens

April 1, 2011 | by Frank Langone

Keeping Small Animals Safe

Are there some new bunnies and chicks at your house? Will you be needing wire mesh? Time for a bit of preparation.

  • Will you have to make a cage or build an enclosure to contain your newly acquired animals?             
  • Do you know what kind of wire mesh materials you will need? Here are some answers.

rabbits in hutch

Rabbits: Creating Safe Enclosures 

Baby Saver Unlike standard welded wire mesh which has a 1” x 2” mesh for the entire width, this wire mesh has a ½” x 1” mesh for the bottom 4” which prevents kits from falling or being pulled through the cage.

Rabbit cages are made with welded wire mesh - 14 gauge 1" x 2" mesh for the sides and 16 gauge ½" x 1" for the bottom.

  • Galvanized after weld (GAW) is recommended for the bottom. The extra-thick coating of zinc will stand up to the corrosive potential of urine and feces. GAW wire mesh will last longer.
  • Galvanized before weld (GBW) would not last very long if used on the bottom. It is more economical to use it for the sides and top of the cage, which get little if any exposure to corrosive substances.

Enclosures for Chickens

Once the chicks have outgrown the cardboard box in the house they are ready to be moved outside. What wire mesh will you use to make the pen? It's amazing how vulnerable these young ones are, even in suburban areas. 

Black vinyl coated 1" hexagonal wire mesh, also known as chicken wire or poultry wire, is the perfect product to use for an enclosure. 

  • The PVC coating gives the wire safe protection against rust and corrosion. This fencing material should last for years, saving the cost and inconvenience of replacement and repair.
  • The wire mesh is easy to handle and cut to shape. Staple the netting to wood posts using 14 gauge ¾" poultry staples.
  • Black vinyl-coated hexagonal mesh (or hex mesh) has an attractive appearance. The black color blends with the background becoming virtually invisible. You will be able to see the birds inside the pen.
  • And don't forget mesh or netting for the top of your run's enclosure. Climbing animals and birds of prey will be ready to pounce on your new recruits.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions for using wire mesh to build rabbit cages or chicken pens that would be helpful to others?

chickens behind wire in pen

Vinyl Coated Hexagonal Mesh


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Your Fence Plans and the Season Ahead

January 31, 2011 | by Frank Langone


snowy road with wooden fence


Being Prepared


Time to make plans. Colder months are a great time to look through gardening, landscaping, and seed catalogs. Visualize what you would like to do in the yard and garden this spring. Whether you're in an area where your yard is just dormant or snow actually covers the ground, you can begin to draw up plans and designs on the inside where it's warm and comfortable.


Do you:

  • need to install a new fence? 
  • want to improve your landscaping?
  • want better results from your garden?
  • need to consider replacing your fence?
  • need to repair winter damage to your fence?

Now If a fence is on your to-do list, there are many possibilities and options open to you. Start by considering what you want to accomplish and what the end product should look like. For example:

Welded or Woven Wire Mesh - Galvanized or Vinyl-Coated

  • Use a smaller mesh, especially at the bottom of the fence, to keep smaller animals from getting into your garden
  • Bury 12" or more of the fence underground to discourage burrowing
  • Bend 12" or more of the fence to the outside of your garden laying it on top of the ground for an effective protecting apron

A vinyl-coated wire fence is a smart choice for both appearance and durability. Do your plans call for a fence that blends in well with your property's background? Consider a black vinyl-coated fence that comes in many different mesh sizes, wire gauges, and heights. Check out this blog for some other excellent options.

photo credit

Gabions - Practical and Stylish

As you consider your next outdoor project, whether it be a commercial establishment or a residence, gabion baskets are a great solution for stabilizing vast areas of possible erosion due to potential flooding conditions, providing definition to the landscape, or creating a stylish look on a residential property. 

Looking Around

Reputable fence companies can give you more ideas. They can also quote you prices for installation if you choose not to do it yourself. There is most likely a fence you can't find at your local store that Louis Page can help you find. Remember, those big box stores are not going to necessarily stock the variety of wire and the gauges in which we specialize. Also, the galvanization of the products we stock is only first-rate and guaranteed to last. On to spring!


Lawn and Garden Fence   

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