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Galvanized Before Welded Wire Mesh, 12-1/2 gauge

Welded wire mesh and fence that is Galvanized Before Weld (GBW) is economical and ideal for many uses. The wires used in the manufacturing process are galvanized before they are welded into a variety of mesh sizes. Different gauge wires are used. The gauge and mesh sizes are determined by the final use of the product. Smaller meshes made with lighter gauge wires are ideal for making cages for small animals. The heavier gauges and meshes with larger openings make good fences.

See our blog article for information about wire gauges.

Additional, less standard specifications are also available. Contact us for further information.

2" x 4" mesh12.5 gauge galvanized welded wire fence 14 gauge 2

12-1/2 gauge galvanized wire is welded into a strong, smooth 2"x4" Galvanized Before Weld mesh. During the welding process, the rust-preventing galvanizing is burned off where the wires intersect at the weld points. This mesh and fencing is economical but has a limited lifetime. Heavier and stronger than 14 gauge, 12-1/2 gauge mesh can be used for fencing, kennels, garden fence, temporary fence - any situation where a low cost heavy gauge fence is desired.

12-1/2 gauge, 2"x4" mesh, 24"x100' - 50 lbs.  -  SKU: WW122424-J  @ $66.85*

12-1/2 gauge, 2"x4" mesh, 36"x100' - 70 lbs.  -  SKU: WW122436-J  @ $97.82

12-1/2 gauge, 2"x4" mesh, 48"x100' - 93 lbs.  -  SKU: WW122448-J  @ $129.72

12-1/2 gauge, 2"x4" mesh, 60"x100' - 116 lbs.  -  SKU: WW122460-J  @ $161.85

12-1/2 gauge, 2"x4" mesh, 72"x100' - 140 lbs.  -  SKU: WW122472-J  @ $193.43

*Also available in American-made, call for quote.

-J Standard gauge (Made in China)
-A American Made
-C Italian Made

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