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Flight Pen & Top Netting Accessories

Lacing Cord

lacing cord

Use this strong cord to weave together sections of flight pen top netting. The nylon lacing cord is UV treated against sun damage. It is also excellent for patching holes in the netting as well as securing netting to supporting wires.

Lacing Cord, 1,000' spool - 1 lb.  -  SKU: TNLACE 

Safety Tiessafety ties

Also known as wire and zip ties, the black nylon UV stabilized ties require no special tools to use. They can be tightened down to securely fasten Top Netting to the cross supports and perimeter of your enclosure. Easy to use in both permanent and temporary installations. Safety ties are excellent to use with plastic meshes. They will not chafe through the netting. Safety ties have many other uses around the home and shop.

7" Safety Ties, 1.000/carton  -  SKU: PLSAFTIES7 

11" Safety Ties, 1,000/carton  -  SKU: PLSAFTIES11 

Lacing Needle

lacing needle

These needles are a handy tool for weaving lacing cord through Top Netting meshes. Helps to prevent the cord from becoming entangled. Lacing needles are large enough to prevent losing the end of the cord in the netting while making repairs or joining pieces together.

NOTE: there is a $350.00 minimum order requirement for all Top Netting products.

Lacing Needle, 4/pkg - 1 lb.  -  SKU: TNNEEDLE @ $6.08