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Aviary & Bird Barrier Netting

½" Mesh  -  Aviary Netting

A durable netting ideal for the sides of bird pens when predators are not a problem. Bird aviary netting is ideal for protecting small birds. Woven from multiple interlocking strands of black nylon, the mesh is available in either hexagonal or pre-stretched square openings. The netting has the same breaking strength as the heavyweight Top Net 2. Netting will stretch and adjust to varying dimensions. Easy to work with and install, it can be fastened together with hog rings. Netting will not rust and it is resistant to mildew. The nylon is UV stabilized for protection from the sun. Its flexibility is designed to prevent injury to your birds. This mesh can be used for raptor pens and rehabilitation pens.

Use nylon lacing cord (1,000 feet per spool) for joining and repairing netting.