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Woven Wire Fence Knots

August 24, 2009 | by Duncan Page


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The Major Players:   Square Deal,  Hinge Joint,  Fixed Knot,  and V-Mesh


There are four types of knots currently in use to tie wires together to make woven wire fence mesh:

Square Deal - also known as S knot. This knot is used insquare deal fence knot making non-climb 2" x 4" mesh horse fence, 4" x 4" mesh sheep and goat fence, and some styles of field fence. The square deal knot prevents the fence from buckling or sagging. It also provides extra vertical strength and rigidity while at the same time allowing flexibility. This quality makes it ideal for installations over hilly terrain. One-piece vertical stay wires are tied to line wires and crimped at the joint to prevent slippage.

Hinge Joint Wire Fenceilse-stokking-cpvhTw-E0AI-unsplash

Hinge Joint - also known as Monarch, used most commonly inhinge joint fence knot field and farm fences. This knot acts as a hinge. It gives under pressure, then springs back into shape. Monarch fence is easy to install because the hinge gives the mesh flexibility. The fence always retains its full height for continuing protection and good looks. Vertical wires are individually cut and wrapped for maximum strength and flexibility.

Fixed knot

Fixed Knot - also known as Solidlock. Fixed-knot fixed knot fence knotconstruction is most commonly found in deer and wildlife fences but is also being used in more common farm and field fence styles. This design securely locks the line wire and stay wires together, giving you the strength you need. Vertical stay wires are one piece and cannot unwind under pressure. The inherent flexibility of this design allows the fence to conform to terrain.

V-Mesh - often used with fencing horses, it can also be used for dogs and a variety of livestock. Extremely solid, but flexible; resistant to breakage--gives with animal impacts. Can be used with wooden posts or T posts and on level or hilly terrain. Resistant to climbers and difficult to get a hoof tangled up.

                  v mesh


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