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The 3-D Prism Fence System: an awesome choice over chain link

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Secure and Aesthetically Pleasing Panels

The Global Standard for Mesh Panel Fencing

Prism 3-D Fence System is the global standard for mesh panel fencing and is now manufactured in the United States, providing a high value, attractive security fence solution. Europe has enjoyed this beautifully styled fence for 30 years. You rarely see chain link in European countries instead you see this gorgeous fence. New to the USA are these wire mesh panels, steel posts, and gates that make up the complete system called Prism 3-D. We are thrilled to offer you this system. 

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Suggested Uses

  • Schools
  • Transportation
  • Sports/Recreation
  • Industrial Property
  • Public Spaces
  • Utility/Power
  • Residential
  • Commercial Property


The panels have vertical barbs of 1.2 inches on one side and are reversible (barbs can either be at top or at bottom). The heavy 6 gauge wires guarantee strength and rigidity. Grade: Residential, Commercial, Industrial

Width in. Panel Height ft.
(Number of Bends)



Panel weight (lbs)

Opening Size

(vertical x horizontal)

98.5 (8.2') 4 (2)* call 28 6"  x  2" 
 98.5 (8.2') 6 (3)* call 5 39 6"  x  2" 
 98.5 (8.2') 8 (4)* call 7 53 6"  x  2" 


*SOLD IN PALLET QUANTITIES ONLY: 1 pallet = 50 panels = 410.5 feet. Ships from Europe.

**Custom panel sizes (heights) are available with a 6 pallet (300 panels) minimum order. Please inquire.

Prism02_Small.jpg Prism3D_PacificPalisades_1_Th120H151W120CH120CW.jpg Prism3D_PacificPalisades_2_Th120H160W120CH120CW.jpg  School_Prism_Th120H515W120CH120CW.jpg Prism_Perimeter2_Th120H515W120CH120CW.jpg



             Prism_3-D_Green_1411_1401875334_1.jpgPrism_3-D_2526_1401876323_3.jpg  prism_close-up-3d-3792-800x800.jpgPrism3DPanel_Th240H240W0SU.jpgPrism_Post-7120-800x800.jpgPrism_post_bracket-7120-z1-800x800_0.jpgPrism3DSingleSwingGate_Th240H240W0SU.jpg

Prism 3D.jpg




Posts and Gates complete The Prism 3-D Fence System


The galvanized before weld (GBW) 14 gauge steel posts are available in various heights. They are 2 inch x 2 inch square tubular posts. The panels are attached with brackets to the panels.The panels attach with high strength steel brackets to the front side of the posts. No corner post is needed as the standard post works for the corners as well. How much easier than chain link it is to install these panels that are fastened by brackets. You have the option of closing the posts with plastic caps.

  • Galvanized steel square tubular posts
    • 2" x 2" square/7' & 9' posts
    • 2/1/2" x 2 1/2" square/11' posts
  • 2" plastic end caps/$0.56 each
  • 2 1/2" plastic end caps for 11' posts/$2.02 each
  • Steel brackets/$4.46 each
Post height/feet Cost Post weight/lbs
7 $42.46  16
9 $52.48  20
11 $89.42 31


  • Gates come in 4' - 12' widths with 1' increments
  • Swing, slide, or slide and cantilever styles available


The welded mesh panels are manufactured using galvanized before weld (GBW) steel wire, coated with exclusive Architectural Grade Powder Coat. This coating, exclusive to the manufacturer, is incredibly durable and environmentally sound. The powder coating provides the industry’s Highest Weatherability and Gloss Retention in U.V. exposure – up to 5 times longer than competitors’ powder coatings!



Standard color is black. Custom colors are available and require a 200 panels minimum order which means a 6-8 weeks lead time.



The Prism 3-D Fence System is produced using the highest quality material and equipment - and is backed by a 10-year Manufacturer’s Warranty.10 year warrenty



Heavy welded security mesh panels with rectangular meshes and horizontal reinforcement ribs guarantee strength and rigidity.

Complete System

The system consists of high-quality panels available in various heights, secured to high-strength steel posts. Swing, sliding and cantilever gates are available for the Prism 3-D Fence System.

Long Service Life

The exclusive super-durable powder coating assures a long service life for this fence system. This coating is applied over galvanization to ensure total protection of panels and gates.

Fast Installation

All components have been developed to provide a professional product of high quality that can be installed efficiently and rapidly.