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Duckbill Earth Anchors

Duckbill Earth Anchors

earthanchorSafer than conventional anchors, Duckbill earth anchors leave no rigid rods, stakes, pipes, or stems above ground to injure people or damage equipment. Made of high-impact and shock-resistant Tenaloy aluminum alloy, Duckbills will not rust or corrode. High-strength galvanized aircraft cable has wedged loop end for easy tie-off. These anchors are ideal for anchoring bird pens, small buildings, and equipment. Here's a forward view of a Duckbill Earth Anchor:

Duckbill Earth Anchor

Duckbill earth anchors are easy to install, saving labor and time. Anchors are driven into the ground using a hand tool, drive rod or small power equipment with minimum soil disturbance. No digging is required. Wherever you can drive or drill into the ground, you can use a Duckbill.

Once driven to the desired depth, an upward pull on the cable rotates the Duckbill into a load-lock position. Further upward tension causes the anchor to plane sideways through the earth against undisturbed soil, resisting pullout and increasing holding power.

The heads are available in both ductile iron and aluminum castings.

  • Anchors are available with either galvanized or stainless steel pre-attached aircraft cable.
  • Standard lead times are roughly ten working days + transit
  • Call now for your 2023 earth anchor needs.
Duckbill Model
Recommended Working Load in Normal Soils*
Wire Rope Capacity
Standard Installation Depth


300 lbs. (135 kg)

480 lbs. (216 kg)

20 in (.5m)


1,100 lbs. (485 kg)

1,700 lbs. (765 kg)

30 in (.85m)


3,000 lbs. (1,350 kg)

6,100 lbs. (2,745 kg)

42 in (1.05m)


5,000 lbs. (2,250 kg)

9,800 lbs. (4,410 kg)

60 in (1.5m)

40-DB1 Duckbill Earth Anchor with 2'-6" - 1/16" cable,  pound holding capacity  -  0.1 lb.

The smallest DUCKBILL anchor, used for light holding powers, is cabled with a 1/16 inch (1.6mm) cable. It can be cabled with 1/8 inch (3.2mm) cable for more aggressive soil.


       Head + Galvanized cable  - SKU: DB40DB1-M Call for pricing and minimums

      Head + Stainless Steel cable - SKU: DB40B1SS 

      Head only  -                          SKU: DB40DB-HEAD 


68-DB1 Duckbill Earth Anchor with 2'-6" - 1/8" cable, 1,100-pound holding capacity  -  0.3 lb.

The next smallest DUCKBILL anchor, used for medium holding capacities, is cabled with 1/8 inch (3.22mm cable). It can be cabled with a 3/16 inch (4.8mm) cable for more aggressive soil.



Head + Galvanized cable  -  SKU: DB68DB1-M Call for pricing Note: minimum order quantity of 121 anchors galvanized.

Head + Stainless cable  -     SKU: DB68DB1SS 
Head only  -                          SKU: DB68DB-HEAD 

88-DB1 Duckbill Earth Anchor with 3'-6" - 1/4" cable, 3,000-pound holding capacity  -  1 lb.

The most common of the DUCKBILL anchors, the anchor is cabled with 1/4 inch (6.4mm) cable. It can be cabled with a 5/16 inch (58.07.9mm) cable for more aggressive soil.


Galvanized cable  -  SKU: DB88DB1-M   -Call for pricing  Note: minimum order quantity of 58 anchors galvanized

Head + Stainless cable  --    SKU: DB88DB1SS  - Note: minimum order quantity of 21 anchors SS
Head only  --             SKU: DB88DB-HEAD 

138-DB1 Duckbill Earth Anchor with a 60" 5/16 inch cable.  - 3 lb.

The largest of the DUCKBILL anchors is cabled with a 5/16 inch (7.9mm) cable. This anchor is installed with a small jackhammer.


      Head + Galvanized cable  -  SKU: DB138DB1-M  Call for pricing and minimums

     Head only  --                         SKU: DB138DB-HEAD-M Call for pricing and minimums 



Drive Rods

Strong galvanized steel drive rods fit into the heads of the anchors. Use the rod to drive anchors deep into the ground. Rod is easily extracted from buried anchors. Rod has an enlarged head for striking.

Drive Rod for 40-DB1 anchors, 2' long -  0.6 lbs.  - SKU: DBDS40-ROD 

Drive Rod for 68-DB1 anchors, 3' long  -  2 lbs.  -  SKU: DBDS68-ROD 

Drive Rod for 88-DB1 anchors, 4' long  -  6 lbs.  -  SKU: DBDS88-ROD 

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