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The Fence Post

Fencing Your Dog: Some Recommendations

August 9, 2019 | by Joe Morrell

Two dogs staring through fence

Your Fence: Keeping Pup and People Safe

There is no use in putting off the construction of a fence if you're a dog owner. Most obviously, keeping your dog safely away from the street is paramount. A fenced-in yard allows a dog to run, jump, and play, offering life-enhancing exercise. A fence allows a dog to safely do what a dog must do: employ their senses--smelling, chasing rodents, and guarding the house from passersby (without incident), to name just a few. This activity is an essential aspect of a dog's life and health, and a fence offers a measure of freedom, for you and your dog. A well-surrounded backyard doesn't preclude the need for the joy of fido's joys--being walked--that roam around the neighborhood to broadcast his essential message: I'm here and it matters. 

Very helpfully, your fence...

  • lessens the number of times a day a dog must be walked
  • is a good substitute for a trip to the dog park (particularly if your dog is aggressive with other dogs)

Types of Fence

  • Chain-link or large openings

Efficient for some things, but sadly often climbable--a medium or large size dog can easily gain a foothold and get over a fence. Chain-link also won't win you any points with neighbors aesthetics-wise either. If your dog is a climber (see the video below), gaining a foothold is possible with other styles of fence, too--call Louis Page for advice on the right-sized openings.

  • Electric

An invisible fence might solve the boundary and aesthetic issues, but for a dog, the shock can be received as a punishment, when delivered it can be misconstrued with whatever the dog is perceiving at the time of the shock so fears can result. And it can in some cases be breached if the incentive is great enough. 

  •  Apron

A great option for medium and some large dogs, especially if your dog is a digger. This line wire, running the length of the roll, acts as a guide for the bending or folding the bottom 12 inches of the roll to create an apron. When folded at a 90-degree angle, this part of the fence lays on the ground. Grass or vegetation will grow up through the apron, securing the hexagonal mesh to the ground. This eliminates the need for the digging of a trench and burying wire in the ground--nice chores to avoid. When your dog comes up the edge of the vertical fence and starts to dig, the wire mesh stops them. To keep your dog within the enclosed area, place the apron to the inside and the apron will prevent digging under the fence. 

For your existing fence

Here's a solution from Down Under:

  • Other Options

Call Louis Page and talk with us about your dog and the particulars of your property and we will advise you as to the best style and grade of fence for your situation. We will take the guesswork out of creating the right enclosure for your four-legged best friend. 

Enjoy the Security

dog sitting behind wooden fence

And once behind the fence, alleviating boredom with your presence is the greatest reward for a dog who desires your leadership. Activities behind the fence may include training exercises or teaching tricks, throwing a ball or playing Frisbee, using toys and then swapping out the toys to maintain interest, with breaks from being fenced in. Hiding a favorite treat or toy to discover in the backyard can give an opportunity for distraction. If a grooming session is something that your dog enjoys, do it in the yard so positive associations are made.

  • Remember that herding or sporting breeds need more distraction
  • Walk around the yard and make sure there's nothing that would help a dog escape, like stacks of debris or wood

Please also remember: even your dog can be unpredictable and this fence:

  • Protects others
  • Guards against injury, awkward mishaps, and unfortunate encounters
  • Keeps you from liability issues
  • Wards off intruders, accompanied by your dog's bark, of course

tan and white dog behind fence

Height is important--if you have a big dog, a 4-foot fence will not suffice. Anywhere from 5 to 7 feet is required depending on the size and agility of your breed. For smaller breeds, four feet should do the trick unless you have a dog who is Captain Marvel and should be wearing a cape.

And finally, depending on your dog's agility (and desperation) there are some common but questionable choices out there:


Dog looking over fence

Wire Mesh and Fence for Dogs


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Why You Need Black Vinyl Coated Apron Fence

August 10, 2013 | by Duncan Page

apron fence

Galvanized Before Weave

Premium quality galvanized Apron Fence, manufactured by Keystone Steel and Wire in Peoria, IL, is the only 17 gauge, 1-1/2" heavy hexagonal netting made in the USA. The wire used is fully dimensional 17 gauge, on the high end of the acceptable tolerance limit.

Heavier 17 Gauge Lasts Longer

Keystone makes this roll as Galvanized Before Weld (GBW) material. They weave previously galvanized 17 gauge wire into the 1-1/2" hex netting. 17 gauge (.054") is much heavier than the standard 20 gauge (.0348") used in weaving standard chicken wire. Consequently, it is a much stronger product and will last a lot longer.

This Apron Fence is available in two roll sizes: 60" x 150' (48" high with a 12" apron) and 72" x 150' (60" high with a 12" apron). The roll is made with a single line wire running the length of the roll, 12" up from the bottom. This wire acts as a guideline when you are bending the 12" section out 90 degrees to form the apron.

Vinyl Coated

vinyl coated apron fence

Thick, Flexible, Resists Peeling

Keystone does not have the ability to vinyl coat their Apron Fence. Its 60" rolls are sent to another quality US mill to be custom coated. This mill specializes in vinyl coating all types of wire mesh, including mesh used in building lobster traps. Here a high quality, thick and flexible coating of UV treated Black PVC is tightly bonded to the wire mesh. The coating is so tightly bonded that it resists scraping. It cannot be easily scraped off with a fingernail. And it will not peel off easily.

The finished product is first quality in every respect. Expected lifetime is hard to predict. Local environmental conditions in the air, soil, and rain have an impact on the length of time fencing material will last. These conditions vary enormously from one part of the country to another.

Buy with Confidence

Knowing the material is produced by two of the leading mills in the United States can give you confidence that this product is the highest quality available. The extra handling and shipping involved in moving the material from one mill to the other do add to the cost. But the quality and endurance is there in every roll and speaks for itself.

apron fence garden

Using the fence

Vinyl coated Apron Fence is very easy to use. The smooth finish makes it easy to handle and install. The unique 12" apron prevents animals from burrowing under the fence, keeping raccoons, foxes and other predators out of birds and pets in. The apron can be turned in either direction - to the outside to make a barrier or to the inside to make a pen.

A Simple Approach

Installation is easy since there is no need to dig a trench. Bend the mesh along the guideline. Just lay the apron on top of the ground so that vegetation grows up through it. This will securely anchor it in place. Digging animals will start at the fence itself, not realizing they have to start 12" away with their digging. This is a very effective barrier.

There are many uses for Apron Fence as a perimeter fence, such as:

  • Many individuals and clubs use it to fence in training pens for their beagles. Due to the high quality of the product, replacement and repair costs and concerns are kept to a minimum.
  • It makes an ideal fence around a garden. The black color of the vinyl makes the mesh virtually invisible against the background. You can get an unrestricted view of your garden.
  • Vinyl coated Apron Fence has been used in building game bird pens. The black color is a visibility advantage here as well.

If you are looking for a quality product that can provide an attractive, secure barrier on the ground surface as well as vertically, consider using vinyl coated Apron Fence.

Download the VC Apron Fence specs!

Duncan PageDuncan Page signature 

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How is Apron Fence Unique?

May 21, 2013 | by Rick Hoffman

Mean dog behind fence

Apron Fence: Headaches Reduced

Although the name "apron fence" might make this product sound like culinary garb, it is actually a versatile and uniquely designed fence which is ideal for a host of different applications. 

A Hinged Apron
What makes apron fence unique? It is designed with a 12” hinged apron that can be turned 90 degrees in either direction to prevent animals from burrowing underneath. For example, to prevent Beagles from digging underneath the fence to get out, place the apron inside the perimeter of the fence. To prevent raccoons, foxes, and other predators from burrowing underneath and getting in, place the apron outside the perimeter of the fence.

Easier Installation

Since there is no need to dig a trench (a time bandit hassle), installation is quick and easy. Simply place the apron on the ground and cover with soil or grass for a neater appearance. Vegetation will grow up through the mesh, securing the fence to the ground.

Beagles Etc.

Apron fence is ideal for beagle training pens, running pens, kennels, as well as game bird pens and chicken pens. Great for a garden fence because it protects the garden from hungry wildlife looking for a free and tasty meal!

Apron fence and beagle

Choices--Galvanized or Vinyl Coated

Apron fence is made of 17 gauge galvanized steel 1-½” hex wire, making it more than twice as strong as standard 20 gauge 1” hex chicken wire. This greater strength and durability provides longer life. Made in the USA, it is available in two sizes – 60” (48” fence height, 12" apron) and 72” (60” fence height, 12" apron), and in galvanized or vinyl coated finish.

Long-Lasting, Flexible, and Attractive

The vinyl coating is bonded to the wire and is UV stabilized for long life. The black vinyl coating is more attractive and blends into the background, becoming nearly invisible. You can easily see what is inside the fence, an attractive advantage in your garden. Paying more up front for vinyl coating will save money and time in the long run because it will last years longer than the galvanized, and will eliminate the expense and hassle of replacing the fence.

Whether your objective is keeping animals in or keeping them out, Apron Fence exceeds expectations!

Download the Apron Fence brochure!

Rick signature Rick VP sales Louis E. Page, Inc.

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Apron Fence - Why it Makes Sense

April 27, 2012 | by Duncan Page

apron fence used for garden

Apron fence with an important difference

Apron fence is a versatile fencing material with many uses. Our high-quality fenc½e mesh is made in the USA and is superior to imported brands. Woven from galvanized 17 gauge wire, 1½" hexagonal mesh apron fence is much heavier and stronger than the normal 20 gauge hex netting sold in retail stores. The extra wire thickness also increases the lifetime of the mesh.

Vegetation Up and Through

The apron is created by a line wire running the length of each roll. This wire is located 12" from the bottom edge of the fence. During installation, bend the 12" apron so it lays on top of the ground. Vegetation will grow up through the mesh, securing it to the soil.

apron fence

Apron fence is available in two sizes: 60" x 150' (48" high with 12" apron) and 72" x 150' (60" high with 12" apron). In addition to the standard GBW finish (Galvanized Before Weave), this fencing material can also be custom coated with a thick layer of black PVC. There are minimum order requirements on these items. Please contact us for details.

Many Advantages

  • Heavier, thicker wire has a longer lifetime than 20 gauge hex netting.
  • Apron prevents animals from digging under the fence.
  • Eliminates labor and expense of trenching.
  • Black vinyl adds years of rust prevention.
  • Black vinyl makes the fence virtually invisible.
  • Stronger wire is harder to dent and damage.
  • Use the apron section as part of the vertical fence to gain 12" more in height.

And Other Uses

  • Perimeter fence for game bird pens.
  • Apron fence for beagle training pens.
  • Excellent wildlife exclusion fence for gardens.
  • Inexpensive tennis court fence.
  • Chicken run enclosure and protection.
  • Wire netting to enclose storage areas.

What other ways can you think of to use apron fence?

Duncan Page signatureDuncan Page

Apron Fence

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Fences For Your Garden

February 16, 2011 | by Duncan Page

garden with surrounding fence

About your garden and what goes around it...

Will you build a new garden fence this year?

Do you wonder what kind of fences will work well in your garden?

There are several different types of fences available that are excellent for gardens.

Welded Wire Fences

These fences offer the most choices. Available in  a wide variety of:

  • gauges - 16, 14 and 12.5
  • mesh sizes - 1/2" x 1/2", 1/2" x 1", 1" x 1", 1" x 2", 2" x 2" and 2" x 4"
  • finishes - galvanized before weld (GBW), galvanized after weld (GAW) and vinyl coated (VC)

In addition to the standard specifications listed above, there are other styles of fences that are designed for use in and around the garden. Some of these have smaller mesh openings at the bottom of the fence to keep out small animals.

birds behind hex mesh

Hexagonal Netting Fences

Lighter in weight than welded wire products.

  • gauges - 20 and 18 gauges
  • mesh sizes - 1" and 2"
  • finishes - GBW, GAW, and VC
There are vinyl coated rolls available in extra tall heights of 84" and 90". The black vinyl coated fences are most effective. And the black wire blends with the background becoming virtually invisible. When used as deer fence the black color discourages deer from jumping.
deer in thicket
Deer Fences
Designed specifically to prevent deer from entering an area and eating trees, plants, and shrubs.
  • gauges - 14.5 and 12.5
  • mesh sizes - 1" x 6" through 7" x 12"
  • finishes - galvanized, zinc/aluminum and black-painted
These are the heavier gauge woven fences that feature graduated openings between horizontal wires. The openings at the bottom of the fence are smaller to prevent small animals from entering the garden. All styles are rust and corrosion resistant.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

apron fence with garden behind

Apron Fences

These fences have a 12" apron at the bottom of the roll. Lay this on top of the ground to form a barrier. Animals cannot dig under the fence and enter your garden.

  • gauge - 17
  • mesh size - 1-1/2"
  • finishes - GBW and VC

These fences are labor savers. There is no need to dig a trench and bury the wire. Vegetation grows up through the apron, securely attaching it to the ground. The animals trying to dig into your garden will not realize that they must start their digging 12" away from the fence.

What kinds of fences have you used to protect your garden?

Are you considering all the different types of fences that are available before making your choice?

Do you prefer one type over another?

Duncan Page signatureDuncan Page picture
Lawn and Garden Fence
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