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Apron Fence--Protect Your Pets and Garden

May 21, 2013 | by Rick Hoffman

Mean dog behind fence

Is it Time for an Apron Fence?

Although the name "apron fence" might make this product sound like kitchen garb, it is actually a versatile and uniquely designed fence that is ideal for a host of different applications. 

The Hinged Apron
What makes apron fence unique? It is designed with a 12” hinged apron that can be turned 90 degrees in either direction to prevent animals from burrowing underneath. For example, to prevent Beagles from digging underneath the fence to get out, place the apron inside the perimeter of the fence. To prevent raccoons, foxes, and other predators from burrowing underneath and getting in, place the apron outside the perimeter of the fence.

No Trench

Since there is no need to dig a trench (a time bandit hassle), installation is quick and easy. Simply place the apron on the ground and cover it with soil or grass for a neater appearance. Vegetation will grow up through the mesh, securing the fence to the ground.

Perfect for Beagles etc.

Apron fence is ideal for beagle training pens, running pens, kennels, as well as game bird pens and chicken pens. Great for a garden fence because it protects the garden from hungry wildlife looking for a free and tasty meal!

Apron fence and beagle

Choose Galvanized or Vinyl-Coated

Apron fence is made of 17 gauge galvanized steel 1½” hex wire, making it more than twice as strong as standard 20 gauge 1” hex chicken wire. This greater strength and durability provide longer life. Made in the USA, it is available in two sizes – 60” (48” fence height, 12" apron) and 72” (60” fence height, 12" apron) and in galvanized or vinyl-coated finish.

Long-Lasting, Flexible, and Attractive

The vinyl coating is bonded to the wire and is UV stabilized for long life. The black vinyl coating is more attractive and blends into the background, becoming nearly invisible; plus, you can easily see what is inside the fence, enhancing the perspective of your garden. Paying more upfront for vinyl coating will save money and time in the long run because it will last years longer than the galvanized, and will eliminate the expense and hassle of replacing the fence.

Whether your objective is keeping animals in or keeping them out, Apron Fence will exceed expectations!

Download the Apron Fence brochure!

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