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The Fence Post

Platform Tennis

August 14, 2018 | by Joe Morrell

Platform Tennis Court--Mesh

The Right Mesh is Central to the Game

The screens that surround your Platform Tennis (or paddle tennis if you prefer) court are relied upon unceasingly as the ball remains in play. These walls of mesh can take a beating during play, also from the elements, and from ordinary wear and tear. Now there is a superior mesh on the market all over the U.S. (and indeed, internationally) that sets the bar high for the overall resiliency and longevity of a platform tennis court.

Cause for Concern

However, products are flooding the market, in particular, the mass-produced Chinese sources that may be adequate in the short run, but may not stand up in the long haul. Proper galvanization, the tensile strength of the wire and its accurate diameter, and specification of the mesh size are all essential for optimal performance of the game. As the ball hits and bounces off the screen in umpteen directions, the reliability of mesh is key in the moment-to-moment strategizing of the game.

A Company Emerges

It is vital that as a court ages, that the durability of the mesh can stand the test of time as the court is exposed to the elements and daily use. In the past, the galvanized wire cloth used for the screens of our courts were machined by Gilbert & Bennett from Georgetown, Connecticut, a company that had made all the wire cloth in the country. The company's closing in 1989 left a void in sourcing mesh for the paddle tennis industry and thus the search was on for an equivalent manufacturer. Regrettably, this is when poultry netting produced in China appeared on the scene as the worldwide hunt for a source ensued. Thankfully, a steel wire company in Belgium named Betafence emerged and became the manufacturer until a few years ago.

Belgium to Bogota

With map in hand, we now travel to a small town near Bogota, Colombia named Cajica, where a factory exists that carries on this tradition of creating the finest platform tennis mesh. The identical state-of-the-art machinery, that Betafence has maintained for 28 years, has made the voyage to Cajica and the company Andimallas y Andimetales S.A. has now been established, producing a mesh of that same high quality.

hexa factory

Important Details

The installation of these machines was carried out by the same technicians that had been involved in Belgium for generations so that the quality, standards, and specifications have been maintained scrupulously. There are huge advantages of working with this type of mesh: it is smoother, easier to install and it can also be tensioned to have exactly the same rigidity as the galvanized after weave mesh, and the galvanization is stronger than the other galvanization system--240 grms-zinc/m2. Rolls are 16 gauge, 1” mesh, 72” x 157.5’ and weigh 296 lbs. 

A Winning Team

The mesh is known as "Hexa Sport" and Louis Page has exclusive rights to supply and distribute this mesh for the American market. Louis Page is excited to be teamed with the international company Andimallas y Andimetales S.A., a specialist in the production of hexagonal mesh and we endeavor to supply and rejuvenate Platform Tennis courts across the nation. With 125 years in the business, Louis Page stands front and center in its commitment to delivering the finest in mesh and fence products available. With your game hanging in the balance, here is a resilient mesh that will keep that ball in play.

Rolls are in stock and large orders (40 rolls/container) are made to order.


Paddle Tennis Wire


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Topics: hex netting, 16 gauge, platfrom tennis, 1" mesh, paddle tennis

Cat-Proof Fence--Five Miles of it

July 25, 2018 | by Joe Morrell


cat stalking in brush 

Rescuing the Endangered Hawaiian Petrel: a three year project 

In the lava crevices on the slopes of Moana Loa, the Hawaiian petrel nests. Now a bit less nervously as a 5-mile hexagonal mesh fence protects these endangered birds from feral cats, who stalk and feast on the birds' vulnerable chicks. The curved floppy top of the fence prevents the cats from successfully scaling it. Take a look at this video which explains the massive undertaking of installing this cat-proof wire mesh fence in a remote location as well as showing the nesting habits of the 'ua'u (or Hawaiian petrel.) 



There used to be thousands of petrels and it is said that their presence would blacken the skies at particular times of the year. The population has dwindled due to increased settlements and people bringing in cats, rats, feral pigs, and barn owls. The struggle goes on as lights are very disorienting to the young birds, causing groundings, which leave them vulnerable to predators. The 'ua'u is also preyed upon by Indian mongooses and feral dogs which this fence also restrains. Two years on, there are reports that this hexagonal mesh fence is proving successful as there is an upturn in the number of nesting sites in the area.   

Tell us about the job and Louis Page will supply the type of fence you need.

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Topics: black vinyl coated, vinyl coated, 1.5x1.5, galv after, 12.5 gauge, 1" mesh, exclusion fence

Deer Fence - Black Vinyl Coated 1-inch Hexagonal Mesh, 90 inches high

October 5, 2013 | by Duncan Page

sag harbor fence with 1x1 black wire


Outfoxing the Deer

"Staying ahead of these graceful interlopers requires some know-how. There are several different types of products available that can be used for deer fence. 1" hexagonal mesh that is coated with Black PVC can be used very effectively. The rolls are 7-1/2' (90") x 100'.

A long life and corrosion resistant

This black vinyl coated (VC) hexagonal poultry netting deer fence will last a long time. After 20 gauge galvanized wire is woven into a 1" hex mesh, the galvanized before weaving (GBW) roll passes through the vinyl coating process. A tough, flexible, thick coating of black PVC is tightly bonded to the wire. The resulting vinyl coated deer fence is very corrosion resistant. It is also extremely resistant to cracking, chipping and weathering. Inhibitors in the vinyl protect it from UV degradation. Black color makes the mesh blend in with the landscape.

More about black vinyl coating

This mesh works well as a deer barrier fence. When deer encounter a black fence, they know there is a barrier but cannot see it distinctly. They are much less likely to jump a fence if they cannot clearly see the top to clearly judge the distance. Extra tall 90" height eliminates piecing together narrower rolls. The inherent resiliency of this woven mesh allows the fence to give upon impact. Check out the advantages.


Deer Barrier Fence black vinyl coated hex

The Advantages

  • Extra tall 90" height
  • No need to piece shorter rolls together
  • Lower labor costs, shorter installation time
  • Flexible mesh is designed to give upon impact
  • The material is highly resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Unobtrusive barrier - black color blends with background
  • Weatherproof - long lifetime due to zinc and PVC protection

And Uses

  • Protect individual trees and shrubs
  • Ideal to use in populated suburban areas
  • Barrier fence to keep deer away from gardens and plantings


Duncan PageDuncan Page signature


deer in yard


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Topics: deer fence, vinyl coated wire, 1" mesh

Wire Mesh for Holiday Projects

December 3, 2010 | by Frank Langone

Christmas, Easter, Halloween and beyond

Do you need a lightweight wire mesh for making different seasonal holiday projects?

wire mesh vinyl coated hex netting

Very handy--Vinyl Coated Hex Netting Wire Mesh

Consider vinyl coated hex netting wire mesh. It is available in 1" mesh. Rolls are 150' long and come in heights from 12" to 84". 24", 36" and 48" widths are also available in 50' rolls. For maximum height, if needed, 90" comes in 100' rolls.

wire mesh vinyl coated hardware cloth

Lightweight Hardware Cloth Wire Mesh

If you want smaller openings, you can use 1/2" and 1/4" wire mesh products. Also known as hardware cloth, these meshes come in both galvanized and vinyl coated finishes. Galvanized rolls in both mesh sizes are available in 24", 36" and 48" widths in either 50' or 100' long rolls. Vinyl coated rolls are only 100' in length. 1/2" mesh is also available in 60" and 72" x 100' rolls in both galvanized and vinyl coated finish.

Both Hex netting and hardware cloth meshes are:

  • durable
  • lightweight
  • easy to cut
  • easy to handle
  • perfect for outdoor use
  • easy to work with when making different shapes and forms

There are other mesh sizes and wire gauges available in galvanized or vinyl coated finishes for cage making and other projects.

What types of projects can you think of that could use any of these meshes?

Here's a video to get your creative juices flowing:


lack of interest in the cornstalk snow fence concept led staff to pursue a more permanent green fencing solution.
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