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The Fence Post

Your Fence Plans and the Season Ahead

January 31, 2011 | by Frank Langone


snowy road with wooden fence


Being Prepared


Time to make plans. Colder months are a great time to look through gardening, landscaping, and seed catalogs. Visualize what you would like to do in the yard and garden this spring. Whether you're in an area where your yard is just dormant or snow actually covers the ground, you can begin to draw up plans and designs on the inside where it's warm and comfortable.


Do you:

  • need to install a new fence? 
  • want to improve your landscaping?
  • want better results from your garden?
  • need to consider replacing your fence?
  • need to repair winter damage to your fence?

Now If a fence is on your to-do list, there are many possibilities and options open to you. Start by considering what you want to accomplish and what the end product should look like. For example:

Welded or Woven Wire Mesh - Galvanized or Vinyl-Coated

  • Use a smaller mesh, especially at the bottom of the fence, to keep smaller animals from getting into your garden
  • Bury 12" or more of the fence underground to discourage burrowing
  • Bend 12" or more of the fence to the outside of your garden laying it on top of the ground for an effective protecting apron

A vinyl-coated wire fence is a smart choice for both appearance and durability. Do your plans call for a fence that blends in well with your property's background? Consider a black vinyl-coated fence that comes in many different mesh sizes, wire gauges, and heights. Check out this blog for some other excellent options.

photo credit http://www.minimalisti.com/

Gabions - Practical and Stylish

As you consider your next outdoor project, whether it be a commercial establishment or a residence, gabion baskets are a great solution for stabilizing vast areas of possible erosion due to potential flooding conditions, providing definition to the landscape, or creating a stylish look on a residential property. 

Looking Around

Reputable fence companies can give you more ideas. They can also quote you prices for installation if you choose not to do it yourself. There is most likely a fence you can't find at your local store that Louis Page can help you find. Remember, those big box stores are not going to necessarily stock the variety of wire and the gauges in which we specialize. Also, the galvanization of the products we stock is only first-rate and guaranteed to last. On to spring!


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