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What is a Gabion?

March 31, 2012 | by Duncan Page

gabion welded wire basket retaining wall

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A gabion is a welded wire basket or cage filled with earth or rocks. It is typically used to build a support or abutment. Gabion mesh is welded from heavy 11 gauge wire. The mesh has 3" x 3" openings. Usually, the mesh is Galvanized After Weld (GAW), providing long life and excellent rust protection. In situations where gabion baskets will be exposed to water and constant moisture, mesh with a thick, rugged coating of PVC is recommended. The vinyl overlays the GAW wire and assures an even longer lifetime.

Gabion wall and bench

Standard or Custom Sizes

Gabion mesh is also available in panels that are assembled to make baskets. The standard basket size is 3' x 3' x 6'. For larger baskets, 9' and 12' lengths are also available. And for specific jobs, custom sizes can be special ordered.

A Variety of Configurations and Uses

The rectangular wire mesh gabion baskets are shipped flat. They are fully assembled and filled with rock at your project site to form flexible, permeable, monolithic structures such as retaining walls for commercial, industrial, and road projects. They are also used for erosion control, bank stabilization, channel linings, and weirs. Gabions can be used in both residential and commercial projects.

A Short History

From Wikipedia: Gabion (from Italian gabbione meaning "big cage"; from Italian gabbia and Latin cavea meaning "cage") are cages, cylinders, or boxes filled with soil or sand that are used in civil engineering, road building, and military applications. For erosion control, caged riprap (a quantity of stones, broken or not) is used. For dams or foundation construction, cylindrical metal structures are used. In a military context, earth or sand-filled gabions are used to protect artillery crews from enemy fire. Leonardo da Vinci designed a type of gabion called a Corbeille Leonard ("Leonard basket") for the foundations of the San Marco Castle in Milan.

Gabion wall with rock

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