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Block Rodents with Hardware Cloth or Bird Netting

November 15, 2021 | by Joe Morrell

Keeping Mice, Chipmunks, Rats, and Squirrels Out

Hardware cloth saves the day again. Your compost bin will be safe from all kinds of rodents when you employ these tips and techniques. 


Giving Chipmunks the Heave-ho

An excellent method of using bird netting to make sure your seedlings and young plants aren't devoured by these little rascals.


Hardware Cloth

Bird Barrier Netting

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Topics: hardware cloth, bird barrier, vinyl coated hardware cloth

Animal Wire Mesh Fencing for Zoos, Parks and Homes

September 11, 2017 | by Debbie Page

donkey behind woven wire mesh

Containment or Exclusion?

There are many different styles of woven wire fence that can be successfully used in zoo displays. These wire fencing products can also be put to use around the home, farm and public areas such as parks and recreational areas. Think of these fences when you have any situation where animals need to be contained or excluded.

Cassowary behind woven wire mesh

Double-Wattled Cassowary & 2" x 4" woven wire mesh - Birmingham Zoo

2" x 4" openings, 12.5 gauge mesh -- Large Birds, Dogs, Horses, and Zebras

Woven 2" x 4" mesh is made with heavier 10 gauge selvage wires running along the top and bottom edge of the fence. This gives the fencing greater strength. Strong 12.5 gauge wire makes up the balance. A third piece of 12.5 gauge wire forms a smooth stiff knot around the horizontal and one piece vertical wires securely holding them together. Knotted construction gives the fence some flexibility making it easier to install over uneven ground. Woven 2" x 4" mesh is available in three different finishes: Class 1 galvanized, Class 3 galvanized and Class 3 black. It can be used effectively with very large birds, other animals such as dogs, horses and zebras and any other animal that requires a strong fence. 

2x2 aviary netting sold by Louis Page

Woven 2" x 2" wire mesh fence on sides of display - Franklin Park Zoo

2" x 2" openings, 16 gauge mesh -- Birds and Small Animals

Made with the same knotted construction as the 2" x 4" fencing, this lighter weight woven wire fence is made using 14 gauge wires on top and bottom and 16 gauge wires for the filler. As with its heavier brother, the fencing has inherent flexibility. 2" x 2" mesh can be used with birds and other small animals - situations where a lighter fence will be effective.

deer ostrich fencing sold by Louis Page

Woven Deer and wildlife fence - Franklin Park Zoo

12.5 gauge high tensile wire -- Deer and Wildlife 

Woven from 12.5 gauge high tensile wire, this strong heavily galvanized fencing can be used with many different kinds of animals. All feature spacing between horizontal wires that graduate from small at the bottom to large at the top. Heights range from 4' through 10'. Horizontal and vertical wires are held together with fixed knot construction. Deer and wildlife fencing is available with  a Class 3 galvanized finish. Some heights have a Class 3 black finish. The strength and height make this an ideal fence to use with a wide range of animals.


Deer fence gateway - Birmingham Zoo

Louis Page -- Resources for You

We source wire mesh fencing and aviary netting for zoos, parks and homes across North America. If you don't see something in this blog post, please check out our online shop or give us a call (800-225-0508) or email us (sales@LouisPage.com). We love animals and want to make sure both animals and humans stay safe and healthy for many years!

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Topics: high tensile wire, deer fence, bird barrier, Zoos, 12.5 gauge

Protection from Nuisance Birds - Bird Barrier Netting

April 4, 2012 | by Duncan Page

garden for bird barrier netting

Shielding Your Garden

Ah, spring arrives and you look forward to getting your garden growing. Sometimes the loveliest of creatures can set you back. Will you need to protect vegetables, flowers, plants, fruits, trees, ponds, your garden, and other areas from invasion by our feathered friends? The solution? An effective bird barrier.

Lightweight Meshes 

Tenax extrudes black polypropylene into effective bird barriers. These small opening lightweight meshes are specifically designed to protect your hard work. They can also be used as an effective method of erosion control on newly seeded slopes. In the fall, spread them over a leaf pile to keep them from blowing away in windy weather. There are several different mesh sizes and strengths available. Large roll size eliminates the need to join several pieces together.

Rust and Rot Proof 

A lightweight, inexpensive, rust proof, rot proof, UV and chemical resistant netting that is easy to handle and install. This black bird barrier netting comes in two mesh sizes:

    3/4" x 3/4": 14' x 100', 14' x 500', 14' x 1,000', 14' x 5,000', 15.5' x 700'

    3/8" x 3/8": 13' x 820'


A heavier weight, stronger, longer-lasting bird barrier netting.

   5/8" x 3/4" mesh: 14' x 5,000', 17 x 5,000'

Strong Woven Mesh

Knit from multiple strands of black polypropylene, this UV stabilized netting is long-lasting, soft, flexible, and strong. Mesh openings are hexagonal in shape. These products are thicker than the extruded bird barrier netting mesh.

   1/2" mesh: 25' x 100'

   3/4" mesh: 25' x 100', 50' x 150', 50' x 200'

   1" mesh: 12' x 100', 25' x 100', 50' x 150'

Is your garden under attack? How do you protect your fruits and vegetables?

Duncan Page signatureDuncan Page

Bird Barrier Netting


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Topics: bird barrier, crop protection netting

Bird Barrier Crop Protection Netting for Gardens

April 28, 2009 | by Duncan Page

Gray Small Bird on Green Leaves

Your Precious Crops Require Effective Netting

Each year millions of dollars worth of crops are lost to birds. Fruits and vegetables are both at risk. Blueberry and raspberry bushes are particularly attractive sites for birds to wreak their havoc. There are two types of polypropylene netting you can use to secure your garden.

Ornex Bird Barrier Netting

Black polypropylene is extruded into strong square meshes with small openings. These products are specifically designed to protect your vegetables, flowers, plants, fruits, trees, gardens, ponds and other areas from invasion by nuisance birds. The netting can also be used for other purposes such as effective erosion control on newly seeded slopes and keeping leaf piles in place on windy days.

Ornex, made by Tenax, is available in two mesh sizes: 3/4" x 3/4" and 3/8" x 3/8". This bird barrier netting is lightweight and easy to handle and install. It's inexpensive, rot and rust proof, and resistant to both UV rays and chemical agents. Large size rolls are available for bigger gardens and operations. The larger rolls eliminate the frustration of having to join several pieces together.Tenax ornex bird barrier netting

Ornex - 3/4" x 3/4" mesh - black

  • Roll sizes available - 14' x 100', 14' x 500', 14' x 1,000', 14' x 5,000' and 15-1/2' x 700'

Ornex - 3/8"x3/8" mesh - black

  • Roll size available: 13' x 820'

S-31 - a stronger, longer lasting mesh with the same features as Ornex. Designed for the commercial grower. Available in 5/8" x 3/4" mesh.

  • Roll sizes available: 14' x 5,000' and 17' x 5,000'

Woven Crop Protective Mesh Nettingwoven mesh crop protection netting

Multiple strands of UV stabilized black polypropylene yarns are woven into a flexible and long-lasting hexagonal shaped mesh. This soft, knitted small mesh netting is ideal for protecting berries and fruits. It creates a physical barrier between the birds and your valuable crops. Larger size rolls will make the installation job easier for you. You won't have to piece several smaller pieces together.

  • 1/2" mesh - 25' x 100' rolls 
  • 3/4" mesh - 25' x 100', 50' x 150' and 50' x 200' rolls
  • 1" mesh - 12' x 100', 25' x 100' and 50' x 150' rolls

Both the extruded and woven meshes will give your gardens and crops excellent protection from hungry birds. Why share when your share can be all?
Three baby birds
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Topics: bird barrier, crop protection netting, garden netting

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