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Protection from Nuisance Birds - Bird Barrier Netting

April 4, 2012 | by Duncan Page

garden for bird barrier netting

Shielding Your Garden

Ah, spring arrives and you look forward to getting your garden growing. Sometimes the loveliest of creatures can set you back. Will you need to protect vegetables, flowers, plants, fruits, trees, ponds, your garden, and other areas from invasion by our feathered friends? The solution? An effective bird barrier.

Lightweight Meshes 

Tenax extrudes black polypropylene into effective bird barriers. These small opening lightweight meshes are specifically designed to protect your hard work. They can also be used as an effective method of erosion control on newly seeded slopes. In the fall, spread them over a leaf pile to keep them from blowing away in windy weather. There are several different mesh sizes and strengths available. Large roll size eliminates the need to join several pieces together.

Rust and Rot Proof 

A lightweight, inexpensive, rust proof, rot proof, UV and chemical resistant netting that is easy to handle and install. This black bird barrier netting comes in two mesh sizes:

    3/4" x 3/4": 14' x 100', 14' x 500', 14' x 1,000', 14' x 5,000', 15.5' x 700'

    3/8" x 3/8": 13' x 820'


A heavier weight, stronger, longer-lasting bird barrier netting.

   5/8" x 3/4" mesh: 14' x 5,000', 17 x 5,000'

Strong Woven Mesh

Knit from multiple strands of black polypropylene, this UV stabilized netting is long-lasting, soft, flexible, and strong. Mesh openings are hexagonal in shape. These products are thicker than the extruded bird barrier netting mesh.

   1/2" mesh: 25' x 100'

   3/4" mesh: 25' x 100', 50' x 150', 50' x 200'

   1" mesh: 12' x 100', 25' x 100', 50' x 150'

Is your garden under attack? How do you protect your fruits and vegetables?

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Bird Barrier Netting


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