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Tree Guying

June 26, 2020 | by Joe Morrell

When a tree needs help establishing itself


Think twice about staking that tree.

Yes, wind can cause damage but is also essential for a tree's development and strength. A tree swaying in the wind stimulates its root system while this stress also prompts the young tree to grow extra bark in the lower trunk. The normal stress of this swaying produces extra fibers which then increases the trunk diameter and therefore, the tree's strength. 


Trees that have been grown in a container with a small or restricted root ball may need steadying early on until the roots develop. For the most part, however, the root balls of trees can establish themselves. Certain environments may leave trees more vulnerable to high winds such as new housing tracts and areas with sandy soil. Top heavy unsupported larger trees with underdeveloped root systems may tip or move, interrupting the establishment of fine roots important for nutrient absorption. Good-sized evergreen trees may be prone to tipping. Staking or guying may be advised in these situations. Consulting a trained arborist for advice is recommended.

Another Help

A secondary benefit from staking: visually, people are alerted to a young tree and are at least temporarily barred from approaching the tree.  Also, those using various types of lawn equipment (particularly mowers and weed whackers) are less like to run into the tree and cause damage especially in its fragile first year. 

athletic woman stretching leg on tree by city pond

Trees in stressed city or urban areas prone to vandalism may be candidates for guying. If vandalism is a concern, then guying does provide a level of security. Trees are not cheap, particularly those that have been carefully cultivated and are worth protecting. 

Temporary Protection

The area in contact with the tree--a tree collar is wrapped around the young tree and should be a flexible, woven material that does not abrade the bark. This collar should not stay on too long, usually not longer than a year, as the tree has not been able to strengthen itself by the usual exercise provided by swaying in the wind. Though stabilized, the guying should not be too tight, still allowing for some sway. 

Here's a step by step instruction video that helps illustrate the process:


stand of trees tree trunks with sun shining through




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How Many Different Ways Can You Use Duckbill Anchors?

May 4, 2013 | by Rick Hoffman

Environmentally Safe and Sound

Don't worry, we believe in freedom of movement for all ducks and no ducks are ever harmed using DUCKBILL® EARTH anchors! So, you may ask, “What are DUCKBILL anchors and what are they used for?” Glad you asked!    

The anchors work very much like toggle bolts in soil. They are driven into the ground with no holes, no digging, and minimal soil disturbance creating a safe and environmentally sensitive installation. The anchor body is driven into the soil with a re-usable drive steel (drive rod). Once the anchor body is placed to the proper depth the drive rod is removed. With an upward pull, the anchor tendon rotates the DUCKBILL into a perpendicular “anchor lock” position in undisturbed soil resulting in superior holding capacities. Plus, there are no potentially hazardous metal eye bolts or hooks above ground to trip over or for the lawn mower to hit.

DUCKBILL Earth Anchors are used in a wide variety of applications.

An Excellent Theft Deterrent

duckbill earth anchor theft deterrent

There are reported losses of millions of dollars per year due to theft. DUCKBILL anchors reduce theft and unwanted movement of objects like:

    • Tables
    • Benches
    • Grills
    • Trash cans
    • Bicycles
    • Signs

Helping with Horticulture

duckbill root ball anchor

DUCKBILL Tree Guy Systems are perfect for keeping trees vertical and limiting motion, letting the roots establish themselves for quicker, healthier growth. It protects trees from being blown over and killed by the wind. Easy, safe installation means more trees anchored per hour and a more professional appearance. When the guy systems are not possible or desirable, such as in playgrounds, parks, or where sidewalk plantings are required, use the Root Ball Kit. It is specifically designed to hold the tree’s root ball firmly in place, with only the tree protruding above the ground. Each kit comes with three anchors with D-ring and one strap with hand ratchet.

    • Tree guy support system
    • Root ball stabilization kit


Very Multi-Purpose

duckbill anchor fence support

DUCKBILL Earth Anchors are used worldwide to secure any object that can be stolen, moved or blown down like:

    • Fences
    • Vineyards
    • Sheds
    • Tents
    • Mobile Homes
    • Airplanes
    • Towers
    • Signs
    • Antennas
    • Scaffolding
    • Playground Equipment
    • Structures
    • Turf Reinforcement/Erosion control

300 to 5,000 Pounds of Holding Capacity

Anchors are available in 4 Aluminum alloy models and 3 Galvanized ductile iron models (for very hard soils). The anchors range in holding capacities in normal soil from 300 to 5,000 pounds. The anchors are designed to function in the total range of soils. Normally, wherever you can drive a stake or drill a hole, you can use a DUCKBILL.

The next time you need to secure something to the ground, consider using a DUCKBILL earth anchor. They are safe, strong and easy to install, and are designed to work in a multitude of applications. Can you think of any additional ways DUCKBILL anchors can help you feel more secure?

Download the installation guide! 

Rick signature  Rick VP sales Louis E. Page, Inc.

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Duckbill Earth Anchors: Protect Your Property During Storms

September 14, 2010 | by Duncan Page

Duckbill Earth Anchors

Forewarned is Forearmed

Q: How can you tie down and secure your property from wind and storm damage?

A: Use Duckbill Earth Anchors!


  • Three sizes provide holding power from 300 to 5,000 pounds
  • Once installed, anchors pull against undisturbed soil
  • Anchors feature pre-attached high strength galvanized aircraft cable 


  • Easy to drive into the ground
  • No digging or trenching required
  • Save on labor during installation


  • Looped cable end above ground will not injure animals or people or damage equipment
  • Anchors have no stakes, pipes or stems above ground level
  • Drive rod is removed once anchor is in place

Easy to install

  • Drive into ground with re-usable drive rod
  • Remove drive rod
  • Pull on looped end of cable until anchor pivots into lock position

Available in four sizes

  • 40-DB1  -  20", 1/16" cable, 300 pound capacity  -  use drive rod DS-40
  • 68-DB1  -  2-1/2', 1/8" cable, 1,100 pound capacity  -  use drive rod DS-68
  • 88-DB1  -  3-1/2', 1/4" cable, 3,000 pound capacity  -  use drive rod DS-88
  • 138-DB1  -  5', 5/16" cable, 5,000 pound capacity  -  use power driver

Use to secure:Duckbill Earth Anchor installation

  • towers, sheds and other structures
  • scaffolding
  • airplanes
  • mobile homes
  • trees, shrubs and vineyards
  • turf
  • free-standing benches
  • anything that might blow away                                                                                                                                                          

And of course Duckbill Earth Anchors make an excellent theft deterrent.

                    Let us help you in making a selection--




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Duckbill Earth Anchors Hold Down Anything

August 3, 2009 | by Duncan Page

Strong, Safe, Cost-Effective 

Duckbill Earth Anchors are the easiest, safest and most cost-effective way to securely anchor anything! Each rustproof aluminum alloy anchor has a galvanized cable securely attached. The end above ground has a loop for easy attachment. When you need to securely fasten anything to the ground, use a Duckbill!

  • Easy to Installduckbill earth anchor
  1. Anchors are driven into the ground using a re-usable drive rod.
  2. The rod is removed once the anchor reaches the desired depth, usually when the length of the attached cable is in the ground. There is no need to dig a hole, saving you time and extra labor.
  3. Pulling on the conveniently looped end of the cable pivots the anchor into a locked position. The anchor pulls against duckbill earth anchorundisturbed soil, increasing the holding power.
  4. Anchor is ready to use.
  • Safe to Use
  1. Duckbill anchors leave no stakes, pipes or stems above ground level.
  2. The loop end will not injure people or damage equipment.
  • Versatile and Convenient

    duckbill earth anchor

  1. Anchors are also available without cables
  2. Available with pre-attached stainless steel cables.
  3. There are four sizes:
  • 40-DB1  -  20", 1/16" cable, 300 pound capacity  -  use drive rod DS-40
  • 68-DB1  -  2-1/2', 1/8" cable, 1,100 pound capacity  -  use drive rod DS-68
  • 88-DB1  -  3-1/2', 1/4" cable, 3,000 pound capacity  -  use drive rod DS-88
  • 131-DB1  -  5', 5/16" cable, 5,000 pound capacity  -  use powered driver


Sturdy Security: Theft Deterrence

Duckbill earth anchors can be used in many different ways, such as support, security and theft deterrent for:

  • equipment and motorcycles
  • lawn furniture
  • towers and structuresduckbill earth anchors
  • mobile homes
  • vineyards
  • trees
  • fences
  • airplanes
Can you think of other uses?


Three people sitting at a picnic table in park


 Duckbill Earth Anchors


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