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Vinyl Coated Apron Fence

January 6, 2011 | by Duncan Page

black vinyl coated apron fenceGalvanized, Built to Last

Black vinyl coated apron fence is a strong hexagonal netting fence that will last for years, eliminating the inconvenience and extra expense of frequent replacement. This 1-1/2" hex mesh is woven in the USA by Keystone Steel & Wire in Peoria, Illinois. Heavy 17 gauge 100% U.S. produced galvanized steel wire is used throughout. The high-quality rolls are then shipped to a different mill. Here they are prepped and custom coated with a thick, flexible, durable coating of black PVC, the same material used on lobster trap wire. You can be assured of a superior product when you buy this vinyl coated apron fence.

Vinyl coated apron fence is available in 150' rolls in two heights: 60" (48" with a 12" apron) and 72" (60" with a 12" apron). It is not necessary to use the apron. You can have a full 60" or 72" fence.

17 gauge 1-1/2 inch hex netting







A Thick Coat and Tightly Bonded

  • Made and finished by two of the leading US mills.
  • Tight quality control during both phases of production - weaving and coating.
  • Double protection against rust and corrosion by zinc and PVC.
  • Thick coating is tightly bonded to the wire.
  • PVC is flexible - will not crack or peel. 
  • PVC is treated to resist UV degradation.
  • Heavy, strong 17 gauge wire before coating - over twice as thick as the light 20 gauge wire used in regular hex netting.
  • Unique design - the bottom 12" of the fence can be bent to form an apron.
  • No need to dig a trench to bury the wire when you want to keep small critters either in or out of an area.
  • Lay the 12" on top of the ground for an effective barrier.
  • Black color blends with the background, becoming virtually invisible.
  • Black vinyl coated apron fence will not block your view.

Vinyl coated apron fence is an excellent choice for

  • Gardens
  • Tennis courts
  • Beagle training pens
  • Deer exclusion fence
  • Chicken, poultry and game bird pens

Apron fence and beagle

How could you use this fence?

Do you think a high-quality product is an investment in your property?

Duncan Page signatureDuncan Page

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