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Hog Rings & Pliers For Fastening Fence & Mesh

June 23, 2009 | by Duncan Page

Automatic or Manual Feed

Hog rings are a quick and easy way to attach two pieces of mesh or fence together. Hog ring pliers close the rings around the strands, securely fastening them together. Hand operated pliers are available in both automatic feed and manual feed styles.

Automatic Feed Hog Rings & Pliers--a free hand

These are essential tools for quick work. Rings automatically feed into the jaws of the pliers, giving you speedy one-hand operation. Your other hand is free to control the two pieces of mesh while you work the pliers. Strips of 50 hog rings load quickly and easily. The jaws of the pliers firmly close the rings. Auto-feed hog rings and hog ring pliers greatly reduce both the time and effort you spend on your project. Rings are packed in cartons of 2,500. Available in three different styles:

P-7 pliers & SR-8 rings

  • The smallest and lightest gauge rings
  • Rings close to a circle with a diameter of 1/4"
  • Available in galvanized and stainless steel for extra long life
  • 50 rings per strip
P-7 plier & SR-8 rings 
Ringer - 9/16 pliers & 1550 rings
  • 15 gauge hog ringshog rings - 1550
  • Rings close to 3/16" triangular shape
  • Available in galvanized and stainless steel for extra long life
  • Jaws extend beyond pliers for better reach
  • 50 rings per strip
Hog ring plier Ringer-9/16
HFP9 pliers & 9AL25 rings
  • Heavy duty pliers for use with heavy gauge mesh such as chain link
  • Extra strong holding power9AL25 9 gauge aluminum hog rings
  • 9 gauge aluminum rust-proof hog rings
  • Blunt nose rings with an opening of 1-3/16" close to 7/16" triangular shape
  • Magazine pivots to allow tool to reach into tight spaces
  • Pliers have comfortable padded grips
  • 25 rings per strip
HFP9 auto feed hog ring pliers
Manual Feed Hog Rings & Pliers--very tough
Use these handy and rugged hog ring pliers for fastening mesh and making repairs. Pliers have comfortable vinyl coated grips. A spring keeps the jaws open, making it easier to fit the rings to the pliers. Jaws close the rings securely around your work.
Pliers & Rings
  • Single feed pliers feature vinyl coated grips
  • 14 gauge blunt nose hog rings
  • Stainless steel rings are also available
  • Three sizes of rings: 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4"
  • Rings close to triangular shape
manual feed hog ring pliers
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