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12 Reasons You Should Use Wire Mesh Panels

June 28, 2012 | by Duncan Page

pre-cut welded wire panels - railing safety

Panels Will Streamline a Project  

  • Are you bidding on a commercial or municipal project that requires wire mesh safety panels for a boardwalk railing, deck railing, bridge railing, or other areas where public safety is of concern?
  • Is there an industrial application that needs wire mesh to protect workers from injuries, such as machine guards and storage areas?
  • Do the specs call for a heavy gauge welded wire mesh with an opening size that is hard to find, for example, 12.5 gauge black vinyl coated 2" x 2" mesh? Or do you want a galvanized after weld (GAW) or even a stainless steel product?

Managing Straightening and Space

You can go ahead and buy welded wire mesh in rolls. But as the gauge of the wire increases, so does the difficulty of straightening out the mesh so it will lie flat - especially towards the center of the roll where it is wound most tightly. This can be an especially difficult task when your workspace is limited. There may not be enough unobstructed space to open and roll out the material. Then there's the potential problem of cutting pieces to the right dimensions. And what do you do with the scrap pieces left after the panel is cut?

The List of Benefits

Wire mesh panels are effective in solving these problems and challenges. Custom cut panels have the following positive features:

  1. Convenient
  2. Pre-flattened
  3. Faster to install
  4. Easy to work with
  5. Lower in labor cost
  6. Less scrap and waste
  7. Save on material costs
  8. Wide choice of wire gauges
  9. Smaller pieces are lighter in weight
  10. Many different mesh sizes are available
  11. GBW, GAW, Vinyl Coated, and Stainless Steel
  12. Custom cut panels are sized to specific project requirements

fence panels and lawn

What will you use on your next project?
Would pre-cut, pre-flattened panels save you time and money?

And please note that there may be minimum quantities requirements.

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