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Bird Barriers

May 27, 2021 | by Joe Morrell

bird on post

So Beautiful and So Out of Place

Birds in warehouses, birds in airplane hangars, birds in stores. So how about a way that protects our workplaces and machinery but also birds at the same time? One answer is 1/2" mesh barrier netting. Why? It blocks all bird species humanely while preventing landing, roosting, and nesting in the rafters of hangars and large warehouses. 

Birds and Bird Droppings (as well as feathers and nesting materials):                   

  • On planes are highly corrosive--damaging coatings, aluminum, and metal, finally ruining the integrity of the structure itself
  • On engines can cause malfunctions and nest-building can wreak havoc in air intakes and exhaust systems, increasing maintenance and cleaning, causing delays
  • Damage mechanisms that are chain-driven, and can block up forklifts, doors on loading docks, electrical outlets, and panels 
  • In loading areas--costly equipment can be damaged
  • Can create health risks in storage areas by contaminating supplies
  • Are distracting and dangerous on floors for work crews, creating liability concerns
  • Are able to disrupt production altogether

>A large hangar can house thousands of starlings and sparrows  

Call Louis Page. Talk with us about your warehouse, hangar, or any of your workplace fence and mesh requirements.

flock of birds in flight against blue sky

Bird Barriers

Working with game birds? Check out this blog.

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Netting for Gardens: Let’s Talk Birds and Crop Protection

March 31, 2017 | by Debbie Page

Bird perched on branch

Securing Your Crops

Each year millions of dollars worth of crops are lost to birds. Fruits and vegetables are both at risk. Your blueberry and raspberry bushes are particularly attractive sites for birds to feed. There are two types of polypropylene netting you can use to secure your garden.

1. Extruded Bird Barrier Netting

Black polypropylene is extruded into strong square meshes with small openings. These products are specifically designed to protect your vegetables, flowers, plants, fruits, trees, gardens, ponds and other areas from invasion by nuisance birds. The netting can also be used for other purposes such as effective erosion control on newly seeded slopes and keeping leaf piles in place on windy days.

Ornex, made by Tenax, is available in two mesh sizes: 3/4" x 3/4" and 3/8" x 3/8". This bird barrier netting is light in weight and easy to handle and install. It's inexpensive, rot and rust proof, and resistant to both UV rays and chemical agents. Large size rolls are available for bigger gardens and operations. The larger rolls eliminate the frustration of having to join several pieces together.

Ornex - 3/4" x 3/4" mesh - black

  • Roll sizes available - 14' x 100', 14' x 500', 14' x 1,000', 14' x 5,000' and 15-1/2' x 700'

Ornex - 3/8"x3/8" mesh - black

  • Roll size available: 13' x 820'

S-31 - a stronger, longer lasting mesh with the same features as Ornex. Designed for the commercial grower. Available in 5/8"x3/4" mesh.

  • Roll sizes available: 14' x 5,000' and 17' x 5,000'

Ornex sold by Louis Page

2. Woven Netting for Crop Protection

Multiple strands of UV stabilized black polypropylene yarns are woven into a flexible and long-lasting hexagonal shaped mesh. This soft, knitted small mesh netting is ideal for protecting berries and fruits. It creates a physical barrier between the birds and your valuable crops. Larger size rolls will make the installation job easier for you. You won't have to piece several smaller pieces together.

  • 1/2" mesh - 25' x 100' rolls
  • 3/4" mesh - 25' x 100', 50' x 150' and 50' x 200' rolls
  • 1" mesh - 12' x 100', 25' x 100' and 50' x 150' rolls

Both the extruded and woven meshes will give your gardens and crops excellent protection from marauding birds. Why share when your share can be all?

Small bird on flowering tree branch

Order Bird Barrier Netting

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