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Is Lower Priced Wire Mesh and Fencing the Right Choice?

June 22, 2010 | by John Maguire

vinyl coated welded wire fence with wood post and rail

Naturally, Lower Prices Sound Tempting

In recent years a large amount of "lower cost" welded wire and mesh have come on the market, generally from overseas mills. Since budgets are usually tight for fencing and mesh, why not consider this lower-priced alternative? Here are some factors to consider when comparing various types of welded wire and mesh:

  • Standards Can Be Ignored

Although a critical factor in predicting the strength and durability of wire, this is often sacrificed in favor of saving money. Bargain wire often pushes the lower tolerance limits of wire gauge, sometimes not meeting it at all.

  • Quality Control

An important property of any wire is that the thickness remains consistent from beginning to end and that the wire remains within its specified tolerance. In order to achieve this, a certain level of quality control must be maintained by the wire mill. Again, this standard can be compromised in favor of a low price.

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  • Speedy Manufacturing Results in Weaker Welds

In welded wire, proper techniques need to be employed in order to maintain the strength and durability of the weld points. In order to reduce costs, production speed needs to be increased. One way to achieve this is to speed the weld process. This can result in weaker, inconsistent welds that can fail during installation and decrease the life of the product.

  • The Right Coating

Traditional PVC-coated welded wire is typically dipped in a liquid polymer after galvanization and allowed to dry. This seals the wire and welds and increases the life of the product. Lower cost welded wire can be sprayed on instead. This can result in a thinner coating that is subject to cracking and can expose the wire to the elements.

Given these factors, are the lower price alternatives worth the potential sacrifice of strength and durability? Be assured that Louis Page stocks the finest grades of wire and mesh and sources locally whenever possible.

welded wire graphic

Welded Wire Mesh


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