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Woven Top Netting Used In Zoo Displays

March 26, 2010 | by Duncan Page

Top Netting used at the Birmingham Zoo 

flight pen top netting Birmingham zoo

Notice how this netting is attached to a 12.5 gauge woven 2" x 4" mesh fence

You have a collection of valuable birds you want to contain within a certain area. You want the birds to be safe from predatory birds from above. You want to cover a large area. You want a high ceiling or open roof. Installation needs to be as easy, safe, and as fast as possible. The material you use must be soft and flexible, enough so that the birds will not hurt themselves when they come in contact with the netting while they are in flight.

What can satisfy all these requirements?

Flight Pen Top Netting - long life and easy to use

White Netting

Used by zoos, commercial game bird farms, animal rehabilitation, and backyard hobbyists. The multiple strands of woven black polypropylene provide protection for your birds. Here's a list of the benefits:

      • Rolls are lightweight and easy to handle
      • Support structure can be less robust, less expensive
      • Large size rolls make it easier to cover large areas
      • No need to make a patchwork of smaller rolls
      • Flexibility makes top net softer - less chance of injuring yourself and your birds
      • Available in a wide variety of roll sizes, weight, and mesh sizes
      • UV resistant for long life
      • Top net will not rust
      • Mesh is resistant to mildew and rot

Do you have any birds that need safety and protection?

signature   Duncan Page

Top Netting for Flight Pens


Topics: top netting, woven wire, zoo, 12.5 gauge

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