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Welded Wire Fence & Mesh vs Woven Wire Fence & Mesh

October 12, 2009 | by Duncan Page

welded wire fence & mesh

Welded wire meshes and fences

What are they?
  • As the name implies, they are made from wires that have been welded into a mesh.
  • In most cases, the same gauge of wire is used throughout the roll.
  • Welded joints are rigid and have little flexibility.
  • Many welded products with larger openings are used as fencing.
  • Mesh sizes can range from 1/2"x1/2" up to 6"x6".
  • Meshes with smaller openings are usually made with lighter gauge wires.
  • These are mostly used as screening.
  • Some specifications of welded meshes are vinyl coated.
What can they be used for?
  • Welded fencing is ideal to use on flat terrain where little flexibility is necessary.
  • Some examples of uses:
                  - Swimming pool fences
                  - Cages for animals
                  - Garden fences
                  - Dog kennels
                  - Partition dividers
                  - Railing safety panel inserts

woven sheep & goat fence

Woven wire meshes and fences

What are they?

  • Fences made by weaving the wires into a mesh.
  • Different gauge wires are sometimes used in the same roll.
  • Woven joints are flexible yet very strong.
  • There are a wide variety of mesh size openings available.
  • Hexagonal netting (chicken wire), field and farm fence, deer and wildlife fence, chain link and ornamental fence are some examples.

What can they be used for?

  • Woven wire fences are ideal to use in situations where the ground is uneven.
  • The inherent flexibility allows the fence to adjust more easily to grade changes.
  • Some examples of uses:
                  - Garden fences
                  - Horse paddocks
                  - Boundary fence
                  - Orchard fence
                  - Farm fence

Keep these differences in mind when you are planning to install a fence. Which type do you want to use?

Topics: welded wire fence, wire mesh, woven wire

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