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Our Favorite How to Fix Your Fence Video

March 24, 2017 | by Debbie Page

We shared this video in 2013. Wow, that was awhile ago! The tutorial remains steadfast, this is still our favorite video for figuring out how to stretch your fence tight.

This video shows you how to make and use a homemade fence stretcher you can use to pull your fence tight. In the video, 2"x4" galvanized welded wire mesh is being installed. But this type of stretcher can be used for all styles of woven wire fence as well. Steel stretcher bars are also available to buy, if you don't want to make your own.



It is important to have a level pull uniformly across the height of the fence to avoid distorting the mesh. The amount of tension is determined by the type of mesh. Welded wire fencing material cannot be tightened as much as woven wire meshes, such as field fence, horse fence, deer and wildlife fence.

Don't forget to bring along a helper like Little Bit!

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What You Need to Know About Yard Gard Fencing

March 20, 2017 | by Debbie Page

Yard gard is a general term used for a type of fence that encloses a yard. Not all yard gard products are created equal.

We recommend black vinyl coated welded wire fencing, also known as yard gard. The vinyl coating helps the fence stand up to the elements so it doesn't rust as quickly. The vinyl coating ensures the fence looks better longer. The black color helps the fence blend into the surrounding environment. Black coating "hides" a fence better than green vinyl coating in most environments. The welds of the fence make the fence strong so it doesn't bend. If you choose smaller openings, the fence will be more difficult to climb for critters. Also, there are no sharp edges to injure people or animals. 

Vinyl Coated Welded Wire Yard and Garden Fencing is Better for the following reasons:

  1. Vinyl protects against the elements.
  2. Black vinyl helps the fence blend into the environment.
  3. Welds help create a very strong fence.
  4. Smaller openings prevent fence climbing.
  5. No sharp edges keep people and animals protected.

In other words, high quality vinyl coated wire meshes are strong and durable - perfect for lawn and garden fencing, pet enclosures, boundary fence, children's play areas and many other uses. The heavy, resilient, flexible black PVC coating is permanently bonded to the galvanized core wire. It will not crack or peel and is unaffected by extreme temperatures. UV inhibitors retard degradation from sunlight. The black color is very unobtrusive when installed. With the double protection of galvanized core wires and vinyl coating, these lawn and garden fence meshes will withstand the elements for many years.

Three mesh sizes are available: 2"x2", 1-1/2"x4" and 2"x4". The narrow mesh openings discourage fence climbing. We also offer different guages: 11, 12 1/2, 14 and 16. Check out our Lawn & Garden fences.

Louis Page Fencing for Lawns and Gardens

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How to Determine the Right Finish for Your Fence

March 13, 2017 | by Debbie Page

When thinking about installing fencing, you should first consider the environment in which it will be placed.

Ask yourself these key questions:

  • Is it near the coast?
  • Is it exposed to extreme changes in temperature?
  • Will it be located in a wet or humid environment?
  • Will it be in close proximity to corrosive chemicals?

Identifying these factors will help you determine the best type of fence product and coating for your needs.

GBW - Galvanized Before Weld


Let’s start with the basic low cost GBW welded wire fence. This product is available in a wide variety of styles and sizes for lots of different applications. This is what most “Big Box” stores sell.

The good news? It is inexpensive.

The "bad" news? It has a shorter life because it is more susceptible to rust and corrosion.

The reason? The wire is welded before it is galvanized. The welding process can “burn-off” the zinc on the weld points. This makes the wire more vulnerable to rust and corrosion.

The initial strength and gauge of the Galvanized Before Weld wire is the same as Galvanized After Weld and Vinyl Coated. But the finish is not nearly as durable resulting in a shorter usable lifespan.

If price rather than quality is the most important factor, then GBW might be a good choice for you.

GAW - Galvanized After Weld

GAW welded wire is dipped in molten zinc after being welded or woven. The wire is fully encased in zinc for greater protection and longer life. This is especially important if the fence is to be installed in coastal areas, and if rust and corrosion are primary concerns.

The good news? Extended lifetime.

The bad news? It is slightly more expensive than generic GBW meshes.

The reason? After the wire mesh is welded or woven, the finished product is drawn through a bath of molten zinc. The wires are thoroughly galvanized. And most importantly the welded joints are completely covered and protected from the elements. Moisture, which tends to collect in these areas, is prevented from contacting the underlying wire.

If quality and long life are the most important factors in how you will make your decision, Galvanized After Weld is a great choice. The thick galvanization present on the wires adds years of life to the fence. GAW fencing materials will long outlast commonly available GBW products. You have to look harder to find GAW wire fencing materials, but we sell it and your search will be rewarded with years of service. Avoid the needless expense and hassle of frequent replacement. Buy a product that will last!

VC - Vinyl Coated


VC welded wire has been coated with a layer of PVC after the mesh is welded up. The vinyl covers the mesh and provides strong protection against the element.

The good news? Extended lifetime and attractive appearance

The "bad" news? It can be more expensive than GBW and GAW products.

The reason? The addition of the PVC coating adds an impervious barrier, protecting the wire from Mother Nature's harshest elements. Protected wire will not rust as quickly.

If you want a product that is not only attractive but is also able to withstand environmental stressors, VC welded wire mesh is the perfect one to use. Black mesh becomes virtually invisisble. We sell green and black vinyl coated products.

Note: It is very important to know what to look for when considering VC wire fencing materials. The best possible protection and longest life expectancy is offered by a product that is vinyl coated over GAW wire mesh. You will have rugged double protection. You will not be disappointed.

SS - Stainless Steel

SS welded wire fences provide the greatest level of protection and long life in any environment. The product is more expensive up front, but can save lots of money and time in the long run because the fence will not need to be repaired or replaced. Stainless Steel wire needs no additional coating because it will last for years and years.

The good news? Very long lifetime with little maintenance required.

The "bad" news? It is more expensive.

The reason? Stainless Steel is a more expensive material. But in certain applications it will ultimately prove less expensive.

Stainless Steel wire needs no additional coating because it will last for years and years in practically any environment.

That is our high level overview of fences. This is a great place to start if you are new to fence products and/or you are planning for a certain project. We have experts on hand to answer any questions that you may have and we provide free quotes.

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Spring Garden Preparation Advice

March 6, 2017 | by Debbie Page

We Recommend Using Woven Wire Mesh Underground & Welded Wire Fencing Above Ground

At Louis Page we are partial to woven wire and welded wire fences because they are products that are sturdy and long lasting. These are our most popular bullet points just in time for spring!

Are you planting a garden a this spring? Do you already have a garden that you are getting ready for the season? Do you need to protect your plants from being consumed by visiting animals? Build a fence with welded or woven wire mesh - either galvanized or vinyl coated!

Here is our top advice for keeping your plants safe from animals that think you planted tasty items just for them AND ways to keep your plants healthy so they can grow big and strong.

  • Use a smaller mesh, especially at the bottom of the fence, to keep smaller animals from getting into your garden.
  • Bury 12" or more of the fence underground to discourage burrowing.
  • Bend 12" or more of the fence to the outside of your garden laying it on top of the ground for an effective protecting apron.

1" hexagonal chicken wire netting makes excellent barrier fencing.

  • Black vinyl coated 1" hex is ideal - black blends with the background making the fence virtually invisible.
  • PVC coating adds years of life to the fence.
  • The wire is easy to work with.
  • Rolls are available in different widths to suit your needs - from 12" through 90".

This is what black vinyl coated hexagonal wire looks like:


Hardware cloth is available in 1/2" square mesh when you need smaller openings.

  • Vinyl coated 19 gauge wire welded into 1/2" x 1/2" mesh will discourage the smallest animals.
  • Vinyl coated extends the lifetime of the fence.
  • Rolls are 100' in length.
  • Three heights are available: 24", 36" and 48".

This is what hardware cloth looks like:


Use larger mesh fences - 2" x 2", 2" x 3" and 2" x 4" - in combination with smaller mesh "ground wire".

  • The smaller mesh gives protection where it's really needed.
  • You have greater strength in the higher sections.

This is what a mesh fence with larger spaced openings looks like in a garden:




Plan ahead and be prepared! There are many possibilities that allow you to be creative in your solutions. Feel free to call us for additional advice, we love hearing your ideas and recommending the right solution for you! We will even provide a free quote so you can determine if your fence fits your budget.

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Uses for Welded Wire & Woven Mesh Fencing

February 27, 2017 | by Debbie Page

WELDED Wire Meshes and Fences

What are welded wire meshes and fences?

  • As the name implies, welded wire mesh fences are made from wires that have been welded into a mesh.
  • In most cases, the same gauge of wire is used throughout the roll.
  • Welded joints are rigid and have little flexibility.
  • Many welded products with larger openings are used as fencing on ranches, farms, in parks and on construction sites.
  • Mesh sizes can range from 1/2"x1/2" up to 6"x6".
  • Meshes with smaller openings are usually made with lighter gauge wires.
  • These are mostly used as screening.
  • Some specifications of welded meshes are vinyl coated.

What can they be used for?

Welded fencing is ideal to use on flat terrain where little flexibility is necessary. Some examples of uses:

    -Swimming pool fences

    -Emu and Ostrich Fences

    - Garden fences

    - Dog kennels

    Sheep and Goat Fences

     -Railing safety panel inserts


WOVEN Wire Meshes and Fences

What are woven wire meshes and fences?

  • Fences made by weaving the wires into a mesh.
  • Different gauge wires are sometimes used in the same roll.
  • Woven joints are flexible yet very strong.
  • There are a wide variety of mesh size openings available.
  • Hexagonal netting (chicken wire), field and farm fence, deer and wildlife fence and ornamental fence are some examples.

What can they be used for?

Woven wire fences are ideal to use in situations where the ground is uneven. The inherent flexibility allows the fence to adjust more easily to grade changes. Some examples of uses:

    - Garden fences

    - Horse paddocks

    - Boundary fence

    - Orchard fence

    - Farm fence

Keep these differences in mind when you are planning to install a fence. Which type do you want to use? Or maybe you need expert advice on what products to use? Call us today for a free quote! 800-225-0508 or email


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