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Why is Welded Wire Fencing Better Than Chain-Link Fencing?

March 1, 2018 | by Debbie Page

dog behind welded wire fence

Rethinking Chain-link

If you are planning to install a chain-link fence, before you do, you should consider the benefits of installing a welded wire fence or wire mesh fencing. Welded wire fencing has many more benefits than chain-link fencing.


Welded wire fencing is much more secure than chain-link fencing. You can install a fence up to 40 feet tall that is impassible by humans and wildlife. Depending on the use of the fence, the cross sections can be welded close together, creating an impenetrable fortress.


Unlike chain-link fencing, welded wire fencing comes in different thicknesses, depending on the level of security you need. This type of fencing can take an impact from a vehicle, and it will experience little to no damage. This type of fencing is so strong, that it is often used in zoos for elephants and large wildlife containment.

vinyl coated welded wire mesh entrance Franklin Park Zoo.

Enduring Construction

Wire mesh fencing is much more complex than chain-link fencing. The intertwining bars and bands make it look like a fortress wall. The panels are hooked together on a weld, which means that they won't crack or break over time.

Less Maintenance

Chain-link fences require little maintenance, however, wire mesh fencing requires even less maintenance. It is made out of weather-resistant materials, which can last a lifetime, even in areas that often experience severe weather.

When it comes down to choosing between installing a chain-link fence or a welded wire fence, the welded wire fence definitely has the edge.  

Welded Wire Mesh


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