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Chicken Wire Arts and Crafts: A Pictorial Gallery

April 14, 2017 | by Debbie Page

Chicken Wire with a Twist
wire sculpture of chickens on lawn

Sculpture by Susan Nichols

At Louis Page, we love chicken wire art and crafts and we love the work of Susan Nichols. Another chicken wire artist we came across is Australian Ivan Lovett. We highlighted him in this blog post and it is wildly popular, and we continue to receive many questions about the various uses of chicken wire. Today, we are sharing some of our favorite photos of chicken wire arts and crafts. The possibilities of effect are numerous and impressive. First, we'll look at some projects for around the house and then some contemporary chicken wire art. After the montage, look at the specifications below if you'd like more details.

To begin, here are some crafty home décor projects that we found on the web.

wire enclosed wooden shelf

Source: Crafty Sisters


hex mesh wire light shade

Source: Shades of Light


hex mesh heart filled with stones

Source: toocraft.com


cabinet with wire mesh windows

Source: The Painted Parlor

Captivating Pieces by Contemporary Artists

Such as this beautifully displayed piece by the artist, Derek Kenzett

wire sculpture of man in wood canoe

Here is a gallery piece by the artist, Benedetta Mori Ubaldini

lit sculpture of babies and rats

And this lighted piece by Cédric Le Borgne

lit wire sculpture of deer grazing

"Floating Mountains, Singing Clouds" by Mei-ling Hom

billowy cloudlike wire sculpture

Finally, this fun sculpture of chickens by Susan Nichols

wire sculpture of chickens on lawn


The most common specifications of chicken wire available are made using 20 gauge wire woven into 1" or 2" hexagonal mesh. Other types available are 1/2" x 22 gauge, 1" x 18 gauge and 1-1/2 x 17 gauge.

An Array of Finishes

Finishes available are: galvanized before weave (GBW), galvanized after weave (GAW) and PVC vinyl coated (VC). Not all specifications are available in all finishes.

Extremely Useful

This fencing material is ideal for use around the home, farm, and in industrial applications - any place where a lighter weight mesh can be used. Conventional uses include:

  • deer fence
  • craft projects
  • stucco netting
  • window guards
  • game bird flight pens
  • garden perimeter fence
  • tree and shrub protection
  • holding insulation in place
  • exclusion barriers for birds
  • chicken runs and poultry houses
  • trellis for climbing plants & flowers
  • backing mesh for post and rail fence
  • framework for sculpture and float decorations

We have highlighted some of our favorites sculptures and DIY projects from across the web. Perhaps you have a favorite chicken wire artist? Or maybe, you take the DIY approach and have created a sculpture of your own? Whatever the case, we want you to know, we love a good chicken wire sculpture or homestead project and sell hexagonal wire aka chicken wire (GBW, GAW, and Vinyl-Coated) check it out our products here.

Chicken Wire


Topics: hex netting, vinyl coated wire, galvanized after

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