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Deer Fence - Wire & Plastic Mesh Choices

May 18, 2009 | by Duncan Page


At our house, they munch on hostas
Deer have become a major nuisance. Each year their range gets more constricted by housing and commercial development. The inevitable consequence is that deer have been forced to plunder people's private gardens and plantings as well as orchards and large farms. The damage and loss can easily run into thousands of dollars. What is the fence solution to this growing problem? There are deer fence wire and plastic mesh products available to address this situation.

Galvanized High-Tensile Woven Wire Deer Fence

These strong wire mesh fences are woven from 12-1/2 gauge, class 3 heavily galvanized Hi-tensile wire. The horizontal and vertical wires are tightly bound together with fixed knot construction. Wires are held firmly yet the fence still has some flexibility to handle rolling terrain and:

  • Vertical one piece wires cannot come unwound.
  • Specifications are available from 48" through 120" heights.
  • Some rolls are class 3 with wire that is painted black. Black wire blends nicely, becoming virtually invisible.

All these deer fence wire meshes feature graduated openings or spacings between horizontal wires. The bottom space is smaller and the spacing gets wider as you approach the top. Rolls are usually 330' long. Hi-tensile woven deer fence products are heavy duty and provide a lot of protection. Although mainly used in agricultural settings, they will keep deer out of any location. Rolls are available in heights of 48", 60", 61", 75", 90", 96" and 120".

Vinyl Coated Deer Fence that Blends

Woven from 20 gauge wire, this 1" hexagonal netting has a thick and rugged coating of PVC tightly bonded to the wire. Lighter in weight than the Hi-tensile rolls, this deer fence mesh is easier to handle and install. It is ideal for protecting individual shrubs and trees, gardens and entire yards. The black color blends into the background. Rolls are 90" x 100' and weigh 72 pounds.

Black Polypropylene Deer Fence - Easy Handling

Heavy Duty Perimeter Fence made by Tenax is the lightest weight of all available varieties. This deer fence plastic mesh was specifically designed as a fence system for deer exclusion and protection in densely populated suburban areas.

  • This deer fence features a 2" x 1-3/4" extruded mesh.
  • The UV stabilized black netting is almost invisible. Your fence will not block your view.
  • As with the hex mesh, this poly net can be used to protect individual trees, shrubs, gardens, and entire properties.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle, the rolls measure 90" x 164' and weigh 35 pounds.

Deer and Wildlife Fence

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