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Your Fence After Recent Storms?

October 30, 2012 | by Duncan Page

Fence crushed by hurricane Sandy

The Strength of a Storm 

Does your yard look like this?

Have recent storms wreaked havoc on your fence and property?

Have the storm surge and wave action washed away your beach erosion fence and T posts?


Unfortunately, this scene is common throughout the wide area of destruction caused by recent storms. The new buzzword, bomb cyclone (or bombogenesis), describes the strength of a storm by the 24 (or more) millibars dropped in a 24 hour period--the lower the stronger. A recent storm dropped 30 millibars. 

If your fence was damaged or destroyed by the recent storm or past storms, you are faced with the decision of what to do next.

Call the Professionals?

Will you need to replace the supporting posts and other key pieces and rebuild the fence? How long will it take to complete the necessary repairs? You may want to do the work yourself. But with everything else demanding your attention you may not have the time and energy to do the work. There may be other more pressing issues you need to address. Calling in a professional and reputable fence installer to do the replacement work for you would be a good choice. You can relax, knowing the job will be done right.

Maybe the damage is more cosmetic?

Perhaps there are just a few pieces that need to be replaced. Can you re-use any of the old pieces to fix it? See if the items you need can be purchased at your local lumberyard or building supply store. If the repair is easy and quick, you can probably do it yourself. Think it through before you make a decision. And if you need professional help, call a qualified fence company.

Was it time to replace the fence anyway?

Was it old and in need of repair? Had you had grown tired of it? If you had been thinking about replacing it with something more to your liking, this could be the perfect time to make the change. Take advantage of the opportunity. Consult with your professional fence installer. Investigate the new possibilities.

What is reusable?

Snow fence supported by studded T posts is used for beach erosion control. Is there any beach left or has all the sand been washed away? Wave action at the time of high tide combined with the storm surge was very destructive. In many areas, beach and dune topography was severely altered. After an assessment, it will be necessary to determine what the next steps are to protect whatever is left. If you can find the posts they might be able to be salvaged and reused. If not, they will have to be purchased along with the snow fence.

Did you have any fence damage on your property? Is it something you need to have fixed or replaced? Or will you decide to remove it and not have any fence?



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