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Was Your Fence Damaged in a Major Storm?

August 30, 2011 | by Duncan Page

hurricane damaged fence and trees

Repair? Replace?

Sadly, during a major storm, your fence can be easily damaged. Strong winds can blow down large branches. Entire trees can be uprooted, landing on your fence. Often the damage can only be repaired by replacing what was there with new fencing materials. Hopefully, these storms will pass you and your family by and cause no damage to your home and property. If your home is spared but your property and yard were not so fortunate, you will have to take down the damaged fence and replace it.

Rethinking Your Fence

If wood post and rail with attached wire were damaged, you can replace the wire with perhaps a vinyl-coated wire for long life. You will find that 2" x 3" or 2" x 4" and smaller meshes are available that will keep your pets and children securely in the yard. Many people prefer black vinyl-coated wire as it blends in very well with the background. It does not stand out as galvanized wire tends to do.

Did your pool wire get damaged? Your pet fencing? Your garden fence? Fencing materials protecting your flowers and shrubs, especially from deer? There are many different types of welded and woven wire meshes available in both galvanized and vinyl-coated finishes. And there is a wide variety of plastic meshes from which to choose.

Big-box stores--offering a limited selection and spotty service

If you decide to do these repairs yourself, remember that there are many types of fencing materials available that you will never find in your local big-box store. Beware of the limited selection: it really does pay off to broaden your search. Why not go for something different, with better construction, and readily available?

Are you having difficulty finding the type of fence you want?

Are you frustrated by the absence of knowledge about fencing materials encountered in most retail stores? This is when you turn to Louis Page, who knows fencing. As you consider your replacement, here's a helpful blog to get you started.

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