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Crowd Control Fence & Safety Fence for Fairs and Events

August 18, 2010 | by Frank Langone

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Manage the Flow
 It's time to look forward to the many events and fairs that come around every year. Are you running or helping manage an event or fair? The following questions may apply to you:
  • Do you need to keep people moving, steering them in one direction or the other?
  • Does fencing enter the picture for your event?
  • Do certain areas need to be set apart for either safety reasons or practical ones? 
  • Must parking areas be clearly marked off from the event or fairground?
  • Are there any water or traffic hazards that have to be fenced in or marked clearly to ensure everyone's safety?

Plastic Safety Fence: Quick and Easy Installation
An excellent choice for temporarily marking off different areas. Light in weight, these fences are easy to handle, install and remove after the event. There are several different types available in black, green, and high visibility orange. Rolls are either 50' or 100'. Meshes are either diamond or rectangular shaped. Safety fences can be quickly and easily fastened to metal or wood posts using safety zip ties.

Wood Snow Fence: Easy to Maneuver

An excellent solution to the problems and demands encountered in various locations. Easily rolled out and installed, wooden snow fence comes in 48" x 50' rolls. This long-time traditional favorite is available in a natural unstained or red oxide-stained finish. Wooden snow fence can also be easily attached to metal or wood posts with safety ties.

snow fence in deep snow drifts

Thinking Through Your Event

Remember--there are various possibilities in fencing for safety and managing people at your next outdoor event. Safety is naturally the priority; spending time considering the practical aspects of movement, variables, and the unpredictability of crowds is time well spent. We are happy to have a conversation with you about the specifics of your project or event.

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Safety Fence

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