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Swimming Pool Fence Requirements & Considerations

April 7, 2017 | by Debbie Page


child jumping in swimming pool

Planning for Pool Safety

Are you getting a swimming pool? Don't forget about the swimming pool fence required to keep the pool and pool area safe - especially for young children who may be drawn to the water to check it out.

You have probably planned the pool and its installation very carefully - putting into place all your thoughts and ideas for creating the perfect pool for you and an attractively landscaped pool area.

The Fence Install

If you are installing the fence yourself, remember that you need to check with the local building inspector in your town to determine what is acceptable for pool fence and all the other requirements - such as self-closing gates. If a child forgets to close the gate when passing through, the gate will automatically close itself. While this is an added safeguard, never rely solely on this technology for protection. Having your eyes on kids is a must. Even very young children are unpredictable and clever; a swimming pool is a powerful incentive for beating the best system in place.


If you are having the fence installed by a reputable fence company any questions you may have can be answered by them.

For peace of mind and everyone's safety remember to install or have installed the proper fence around your dream pool so that it doesn't become a nightmare. Do as much planning for the fence as you would for planning and designing the pool.

Design Options

There are many different types of swimming pool fences available that will meet code requirements. Which type best fits your design requirements?

We carry pool fencing made in the U.S.A, Italy and China. Our product options fit various budgets and project specifications. We also offer free quotes.

Download the Swimming Pool Fence brochure!

swimming pool with inflatable toys

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