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How To Install Woven Top Netting Over Bird Pens

July 28, 2009 | by Duncan Page

Do you want to keep your birds or poultry safely contained inside the pen?top netting

Have you purchased or are you considering purchasing a woven net to cover the top of your bird or poultry pen?

The potential for problems comes from the fact that any woven material is subject to distortion unless handled properly. Woven netting is light weight and flexible and particularly subject to being pulled out of shape. Unless it is installed correctly, a 20'x50' piece of netting will lose its ability to cover a 20'x50' pen.

When the roll is opened it is longer than its stated length. As it is installed correctly, this length will shorten to its proper dimension.

How do you install it? The following steps can help you avoid problems and do the job right.

  1. Stretch one end of the roll out to its full width.
  2. Fasten one end of the top netting to one end of the pen.
  3. Starting from this fastened end, pull out only a few feet on each side.
  4. Secure the footage you have pulled out to each side of your pen. It is very important to attach the sides before stretching the next length. Do not over tighten the netting.
  5. Pull out another few feet.
  6. Fasten this footage to each side.
  7. Continue down each side of the pen a few feet at a time.
  8. Be sure to fasten both sides of what you have pulled out before moving on.
  9. This is very important. Failure to do this can result in a distorted piece of netting that will not cover the entire pen.
  10. When you reach the other end of your enclosure, attach the remaining end of the netting to the structure.

Attach Top Net to the pen sides using hog rings or safety ties for attaching to wire or staples for attaching to wood.

When properly installed, the stated size of the rolls will cover a pen of the same dimensions.

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