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Chickens & Poultry - Build A Fence & Keep Them Safe & Secure

July 14, 2009 | by Duncan Page

How do you keep your chickens and poultry safe from predators? poultry fence 1

Build a safe and secure fence.

The single most important factor to consider in determining the characteristics of the fence you use to enclose your run or pen?

Mesh openings should be small enough to both keep predators out and prevent your birds from escaping.chicken pen fence 1

What determines the height of the fence?

  1. Consider the variety and temperament of your birds.
  2. Whether or not birds will free-range or always remain inside the pen.
  3. If you want to be able to stand up inside the pen.

How do you prevent predators from going under the fence?chicken fence 1

  1. Dig a trench and bury at least 12" of fence for a barrier, either vertical or angled to the outside.
  2. Use an apron fence with the apron on the outside of the pen.
  3. Lay a piece of fence mesh flat on the ground around the perimeter of the pen and attach it to the vertical piece.

How can you keep predators from entering from the top of the pen?poultry fence hex netting

  1. Use wire mesh to cover the tops of the pen - be sure to factor in possible snow load.
  2. Secure the top with woven top netting or extruded plastic netting as a barrier.

What kind of fence works well for the sides of chicken pens?chicken fence 2

  1. Hex netting 1" mesh (aka chicken wire) - GAW (Galvanized After Weave) or vinyl coated meshes last longest.
  2. Heavier gauge woven mesh with small openings at the bottom, such as Red Brand's Poultry and Garden fence.
  3. Welded wire mesh with small openings.

What type of mesh is most predator proof?chicken fence 1

Wire meshes are stronger and more predator resistant than plastic or poly meshes.

What type of wire meshes will last the longest?

Vinyl coated and galvanized after weld meshes will last longest.

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