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How To Build a Woven Wire Horse Fence

February 10, 2009 | by Duncan Page

Keystone Steel and Wire, makers of high quality Red Brand wire products, produces two types of galvanized woven wire mesh for horse fencing:

Keepsafe Diamond Mesh - heavy duty 12-1/2 gauge double strand horizontal wires woven with 14 gauge wires in a 2"x4" diamond mesh pattern; 50" and 58" x 165' rolls.

2"x4" Mesh Non-Climb - 10 gauge top and bottom wires, 12-1/2 gauge "filler" wires woven into 2" x 4" mesh; 36", 48", 60" and 72" x 100' rolls.

You can trust these products to safely contain your horses. Both of these fences share the following characteristics:

  • fence meshes have spring and flexibility
  • long lifetime, requiring little maintenance
  • strong and safe woven mesh construction
  • no sharp projecting wires to scratch animals or people
  • openings in fence are too small to entangle legs or hooves
  • easier to install on uneven ground than rigid welded meshes
  • available with Class 1 or Class 3 (extra heavy) galvanized finish
 keepsafe diamond mesh woven wire horse fence  non-climb 2

Keepsafe Diamond Mesh

 2" x 4" Non-Climb









For installation instructions and other useful information specific to building a woven wire horse fence, download the eight page Red Brand horse fencing PDF.

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