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How To Pull Your Fence To Get It Tight

March 18, 2013 | by Duncan Page

Ever wondered how to stretch a fence to get it tight? This video shows you how to make and use a homemade fence stretcher you can use to pull your fence tight. In the video, 2"x4" galvanized welded wire mesh is being installed. But this type of stretcher can be used for all styles of woven wire fence as well. Steel stretcher bars are also available to buy, if you don't want to make your own.



It is important to have a level pull uniformly across the height of the fence to avoid distorting the mesh. The amount of tension is determined by the type of mesh. Welded wire fencing material cannot be tightened as much as woven wire meshes, such as field fence, horse fence, deer and wildlife fence.

Don't forget to bring along a helper like Little Bit!

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