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Wire Mesh For Railing Safety

May 17, 2010 | by Duncan Page

Wire mesh can be used as an effective railing safety barrier on stairs, decks and walkways. Attached to a framework, the small openings of the mesh can prevent children from falling and restrain objects from falling on people below.

Both woven and welded wire meshes can be used. There are mesh and wire gauges available to meet a wide variety of safety requirements. And there are many different ways to put together an effective barrier.


woven railing safety meshwoven safety mesh barrier










Strong 12.5 gauge woven wire field fence used as safety mesh along a river walk. The fence is turned upside down and the top edge is bent over for added strength. The fence is stapled to wood posts. 


welded wire mesh safety fencewelded wire safety fence mesh












Welded wire 2"x4" fencing used as safety mesh along a pathway to keep people from falling down the river bank. This is a simple solution. The top 4" of the fence is doubled over. This strengthens the mesh and allows the top of the fencing to be stapled to the top of the  post for extra strength.


vinyl coated welded wire mesh safety fence


vinyl coated welded wire mesh safety fence


The Birmingham Zoo used vinyl coated welded wire mesh as safety panels along walkways and in deck railings. The top picture shows 14 gauge 1"x2" mesh secured to wood posts. The bottom picture shows 1"x1" mesh that has been mounted in a metal frame. The frame is then attached to a finished railing assembly.

There are many other ways of using wire meshes to provide a safety mesh where required. The application and installation can be both simple and complex depending on what is required.


duncan page   duncan page

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