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How To Set Up Hortonova Plant Support Netting & Help Your Garden Grow

April 29, 2010 | by Duncan Page

Hortonova is an extruded polypropylene support netting made by Tenax. It is designed to help you grow healthy and thriving flowers and plants. Whether you're a commercial grower or a back yard gardener, Hortonova will be a great addition to your garden. There are different mesh sizes and roll sizes available for both vegetables and flowers. Use the following suggestions to properly set up your netting.


Hortonova vegetable application

How to install Hortonova for vegetables:

  1. Set supporting posts 25 feet apart. Stretch cable from top of one post to the other.
  2. Secure net to first post with nylon string.
  3. Attach netting along cable by running nylon string through top meshes.

Hortonova flower application

How to install Hortonova for flowers:
  1. Erect strong wood or metal support posts with pre-drilled holes fr each layer of net required during growth cycle.
  2. Post should be set at maximum distance of 20 feet apart.
  3. Bolt wooden crossbar between each set of support posts at first level.
  4. Pull mesh taut and attach or weave netting to the wood crossbar.
  5. For added support, weave 16 gauge wire along the edge of netting and to vertical support posts.
  6. Add subsequent layers of netting as growth cycle progresses.

Try Hortonova. Give your plants every advantage and enjoy the satisfaction of a larger and better quality yield.


Duncan Page   Duncan Page

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