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Hexagonal Netting - Black Vinyl Coated (VC)

Chicken Wire Fence

Hexagonal netting aka chicken wire that has been coated with a coating of PVC will last a long time. After the 1" hex mesh is woven from 20 gauge galvanized wire (GBW), it is completely coated with a tough, flexible, bonded layer of black PVC. The coating is extremely resistant to cracking, chipping and weathering. It is also unaffected by extremes of temperature. UV inhibitors in the vinyl protect it from degradation from sunlight.

Vinyl coated chicken wire has an approximate 18 gauge overall finished thickness and is highly resistant to rust and corrosion. Black color helps the mesh blend in with the landscape, becoming virtually invisible. This long-lasting mesh works well in a variety of applications around the home or farm, including bird pens and garden fence.

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20 gauge, 1" black vinyl coated hex mesh

vinyl coated hex netting

12"x150' - 15 lbs.  -  SKU: HXVC112B @ $49.42

18"x150' - 22 lbs.  -  SKU: HXVC118B @ $61.53

24"x150' - 29 lbs.  -  SKU: HXVC124B @ $70.49

36"x150' - 43 lbs.  -  SKU: HXVC136B @ $105.49

48"x150' - 58 lbs.  -  SKU: HXVC148B @ $142.10

60"x150' - 72 lbs.  -  SKU: HXVC160B @ $175.70

72"x150' - 87 lbs.  -  SKU: HXVC172B @ $210.77

84"x150' - 126 lbs.  -  SKU: HXVC184B @ $245.91

90"x100' - 85 lbs.  -  SKU: HXVC190B @ $170.55

Deer Control Fence - Black Vinyl Coated 1" hex mesh

This strong, long-lasting mesh works well as a deer barrier fence. When deer encounter a black fence, they know there is a barrier but cannot see it distinctly. When deer cannot clearly see the top of a fence to judge the distance, they are much less likely to jump. Extra tall 84" and 90" heights eliminate the labor and time of piecing together narrower rolls. The 90" dimension is nominal. Due to the tension and heat of the coating process, actual height may be between 88" and 90". The inherent resiliency of this mesh allows the fence to give upon impact.

20 gauge, 1" black vinyl coated hex mesh, 84"x150' - 126 lbs.  -  SKU: HXVC184B @ $245.91

20 gauge, 1" black vinyl coated hex mesh, 90"x100' - 85 lbs.  -  SKU: HXVC190B @ $170.55