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Farm & Field Fence

field farm fenceHow to interpret style numbers:

10 – number of horizontal wires 
47 – height of fence in inches 
6 – space between vertical wires in inches 
12-1/2 – gauge of top and bottom wires 
14-1/2 – gauge of filler wires


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Hi Tensile  -  12-1/2 / 14-1/2 gauges

Woven from hi-tensile 12-1/2 gauge (top and bottom wires) and 14-1/2 gauge (filler wires) with a protective layer of Zinc Aluminum coating. ZA (5% Zn, 95% Al) gives much more protection from rust and corrosion than the usual Class 1 coating. Rolls are 330' long. These rolls feature strong Fixed Knot construction - vertical wires are one continuous piece with a third piece of wire connecting them to the horizontal wires. Fence is strong yet flexible conforming to changes in topography.

Visit our informative blog where a video shows you how to install field fence.

1047-6-12-1/2/14-1/2 - 47" high  -  142 lbs. SKU: FFHT1047612 @ $199.00