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Hurricane Florence and After

September 20, 2018 | by Joe Morrell


 flooded homes and businesses

Florence Wreaks Havoc

The people of North Carolina have endured so much. The dreadful personal loss, psychological trauma, and physical setbacks resulting from Hurricane Florence have been monumental. It was just last September that a record-setting amount of rainfall ocurred--30 inches. Overwhelming amounts of reconstruction and distribution of supplies have been required to stabilize a large area of the state and the needs are ongoing. Here is a short example of some of the initial stresses they suffered: 


The Farmers' Struggle

Farmers were hit hard. The poultry industry has never known such unprecedented losses, with millions of chickens and turkeys taken by the waters as well as the numerous pork farms that have lost so much. Not only livestock, but also barns, containment structures, and equipment were damaged, facing enormous replacement costs. Wire mesh fencing will be a necessity for many farms and parks--both state and federal. For farmers, this was to be a watershed (no pun intended) moment as they considered whether to stay in business. Erosion along the coast requires sand fencing and costly structural safeguards. Early overall damage estimates ran to 22 billion dollars, and that was a modest estimate. It is reported that only 35% of storm-affected inhabitants had adequate flood insurance.

Helpful Strategies

We who have been blessed with a measure of stability might think about the strains that the people have suffered. However, sending supplies can be more disruptive than helpful, forcing people on the ground to receive, organize, house, and spend time apportioning the goods. Regrettably, what is sent often misses the mark. Sending cash to trusted aid organizations is best for the most part. At Louis Page, we have done what we can to give assistance with these efforts. 


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