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Paddle Tennis Wire

1" mesh, 16 gauge

paddle tennis court

This extra heavy hexagonal netting, known as Paddle Tennis wire or Platform Tennis wire, is manufactured to meet the rugged specification requirements of paddle tennis courts. The rolls weigh 296 pounds. In addition to netting for paddle tennis courts, it also makes an ideal overhead electrical grid in bumper car rides.

Heavily galvanized wire is the beginning of this continuous twist mesh and will last for years. If you need the heaviest hex netting mesh available that will withstand the rough use encountered in paddle tennis courts, this is the one for you--the Chinese wire is just not going to stand the test of time.

Rolls are made to order. In prior years the rolls were 172 feet in length. We still have some of these rolls in stock. The new production rolls are 157.5 feet.

16 gauge, 1" mesh, 72" x 157.5' - 296 lbs.  -  SKU: HXGA16157.5  Call  for pricing.

We sell one or two rolls or as many as you need. 

40-60 rolls per container: special rate  Please call for pricing

4-6 week lead time

Why Everyone is Talking about Paddle Tennis Wire

By Kelsey Koloski

        Platform tennis can be traced back to Scarsdale, New York during the 1920’s. Allow me to set the scene for you: two friends, with equal love for both sports and innovation, refused to allow another cold, east coast winter to restrict them from staying active outdoors. With two very determined mindsets, these men would come to invent the racquet sport that thousands of Americans today call Platform Tennis.

        Today, the game is played anywhere, from country clubs to many people’s own backyards, both competitively and recreationally. The sport is played on an aluminum court that is about 1/3 the size of a tennis court. In addition to the court, another  major difference in tennis and platform tennis is the wire surrounding the court. In Platform Tennis, 16 gauge hexagonal netting fencing surrounds the court which allows players to play off of the wire.

        The netting is heavily galvanized after weave allowing this continuous twist mesh to last for years. After weaving, the 16 gauge 1" mesh hexagonal netting fence is dipped in a rust inhibiting bath of molten zinc. Rolls are 16 gauge, 1" mesh, 72" x 157.5' and weigh 296 lbs.

While there are people from all over the country, in many different settings, of many different ages enjoying the sport, there is only one type of wire used to surround a platform tennis court and Louis E. Page has it! Rolls are in stock and large orders (40 rolls/container) are made to order, so give us a call today so that we can get you into your court by the time the snow starts to fall.

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